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Hello Web Designers! I am new to web design and development after undergoing my personal training in PHP and jQuery. I get several clients who want me to submit web design budget to them before they can award me any contracts. I need someone to give me a sample web project budget containing some of the budget items that cut across.

Hi, I have downloaded and installed Adobe Dreamweaver widget browser on my iMac but whenever i try to sign in I receive an error message saying "Unable to load WSDL" and asks me to check my internet connection, which works fine.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

I've tried restarting my PC and reinstalling the program but it didn't help.


I would like to know if there is a surveillance software available for Mac OS X. I am running a small business that I need to constantly check and I would like some recommendations for good surveillance software for Mac OS X. Thanks!

Category: JavaScript

Hello experts! I'm a little wary about this div in my personal webpage. I want to be able to let users zoom in particular div. Could I be able to zoom in div javascript used as a scripting language? If yes, could you please provide me with sample codes? If not, what would you suggest to accomplish this?

Category: Internet


I am a beginner of Computer networks and need to do some research about the Access Control Lists. So I am curious to find out the differences between the each access control lists. So what are the different tools that can compare ACLs?

Thank you

Hi friends

I have Samsung MV800 digital camera. I herd about the software called eos capture that can control the camera from the computer. I have windows 7 operating system and I want to know is it possible to use this software for my camera.


Category: Software Others


I am using windows XP service pack 3, and I got some flash game create by my little brother. But I am unable to open those games in my computer. So what are the things that need to run flash applications?

Thank you.
Category: Others

Hi I am a project manager that conducting classes for the project management undergraduates. So I need to give them the hand book of the Project Managers pmp book. So if anybody knows a place to find free last edition of pmp book to get. Thank you

Category: Software Others


I am looking for someone who has experience in using bear share pro software to know about the advantages and disadvantages of this software. And what are the best and lightest versions of bear share pro.


Category: Windows 7

How to download ipx for windows 7 for free and what is the feature of this support, what is the advantage of ipx for my windows operating system? Correct and detailed solution will help me a lot.

Thank you.