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Category: Printers

Hallo! I got this printer way back and I am not sure whether I got a drivers CD or not. Recently, I lost my computer to a virus attack. I got another PC with Ubuntu pre-installed by the dealer. I have tried to install the drivers that I find online for the printer but none of them seems to work. How do I install Canon Pixma IP1500 Driver Ubuntu? I need to get back my beautiful printing experience. Please help.

Hi, I am using Firefox 4.0 version on my computer as a main browser. I need to download free futures data feed. I would like to install it as an application. So experts please give me some links to download it. Thank you. 

Hello, I am working at computer school. So I need to complete the project. So I need data center operating budget template. I founded some templates but they didn’t match. So experts please help me to find good template. Please provide me some details. Thanks.

Category: iPhone

Is iPhone backup reader/viewer compatible with windows? I’m looking for an option to have iPhone data back-up on my windows spare computer. I’m not sure if it’s PC compatible, I can only see one for MAC. Any idea?

Hi, I’m working with my web developer and we’re wondering if we could have glossary working with estimate module joomla. We’re using version 1.7 and we’d like to use one that’s compatible if there is. Do you have any information ready?

Category: Misc Software

Hi. I have a lot of videos saved in my video cam. I would like to convert these videos to save my hard disk space in my laptop and then burn DVD copies of these videos for my parents. My buddy recommended free app laptop Total Video Converter. Is it really great try? Or are there better free video converter tools? Thanks.

Hi guys!

Are you an avid  FaceBook user? Are you a programmer? There are many applications in FaceBook that are,more often than not,  nonsense. So, I`m just wondering if there are also FaceBook application examples that are very useful especially for novice programmers like me. Are there?

Since there are lots of applications in Facebook, I am just curious if which of them were the most popular or just the best.

Can you guys give me five best Facebook application example that you are using and you think are the best?

I might want to try using them, too.

How often should I use these settings?

And is it really necessary to be in the default settings for this OS?

And can I be able to restore my own settings if i change my settings to default?

Category: Misc Software


Please look at the error message mentioned below.

It says “W: GPG error: natty release: The following signature couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY A6804EA8EAE0D85C”.

I visited the respective site, but found nothing. If you have any idea about the error message, please let me know.