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Category: Feedback

Greetings everyone. As simple as the title says, I just want to ask if a flash server side pdf creation possible? I mean, would one be able to do so? This is just for research purposes so I would gladly welcome any comments and suggestions along the way. Thanks a lot guys.

What basically is the difference between an SSIS rar files to a regular rar file?

And is there something peculiar about unzipping or zipping rar files with SSIS?

Please someone help me with this simple matter,

Thank you!

Category: MS Excel


 I need fibonacci assembly for windows software so that  i can have my own stock chart creating and analysis tool. it must have the capability to create flowchart too. Where can i find the fibonacci assembly software for windows?

Category: Misc Networking


My friend is asking me to help her find the best freeware that she needs for her newly established business. She is seeking for a free SNMP tool for the meantime. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Category: Mobile Software


I used to watch tv channels and movies in sky go on my pc. I have decided to buy nokia x6 and watch sky channels on nokia x6. Will it be need any special apps. If so how can I get free sky go app for nokia x6.

Category: Misc Databases

What is Minecraft's database and how we work with minecraft SMP Servers


I want to decode my video in that format which my computer can handle.

For that purpose, I use old version of Hand break opencl but it is not compatible with VLC player.

Now I want to download new version of Handbreak Opencl.

If any body has working URL then please tell me because i can not find working URL of Handbrake opencl version.

Category: Misc Software


My Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error. I do not know about the error.

I clicked on Show Details, but I understand nothing. It says “If you notice further problems, try restarting the computer”.

Please suggest me about this internal error. What should I do?

Any help is appreciated.


Category: Misc Hardware


I need a software of example question of modem generator. So that I will be able to generate any kind of question about modems and to be able to make it a reference to study all kinds of modem in the fast approaching technology nowadays. I really need your help regarding this issue.


Leigh Slayton

Category: MS Excel

How to import rss feed to excel 2010? I don't have any idea on how to import rss feeds and I need your help experts. Can you give me some solution about this matter?