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Category: Misc Software

Hello Techyv Users,

Suggest me the best software that can be used for compiling and editing shell script on Windows. I would like to have an editor with tools that will make Shell Script programming easier. Right now I am using EditRocket, so please suggest me a better software.


Ann Tanner

Hello All,

I was having Adobe Professional Pro in home system, which helped me to convert PDF to MS Word with quality. But my office system dosin't have Adobe Professional Pro, but I would like to know whether there is any PDF to MS Word docx converter that will work with the help of Internet.

Please suggest & Help,

Ann Tanner

Category: Batch scripting

I am using Windows XP, I need about how to set screen resolution in bat file, so that when we run the bat file, the resolution of the screen will automatically get changed as per the codings in bat file, also do the needful for getting me the bat file coding for setting the screen resolution.

Category: Skype

Hi Techyv Friends,

How to connect the Skype video call and Galaxy Tab 2. I purchased new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and need to know about connecting Skype on that phone, 

Please help,

Ann Tanner

Hello Guys, I need the update of Shockwave after effects CS4 download, does Adobe provide it for free,

I have a licensed version of CS4, where should I get it downloaded.

Please help me.


Ann Tanner

Hi Techyv Experts, Is there any LAN scanning software for Mac available in the internet, I am using Mac OS X 10.6 and is trying to connect the workstation to my wireless multifunction printer, which I am unable to connect.

Please do the needful for helping me.

Thanks, Ann Tanner

Category: General

Hello Techyv Friends,

I have heard about Aajx as a technique for creating fast and dynamic web pages. I would like to know about, from should I get Ajax download file example freely from the Internet, which will help me to have a clear understanding about Ajax.

Thanks in Advance,

Ann Tanner

Category: General

Hi Everyone, I would like to have an editor that will help in PHP design in Linux platform. Currently I am using Komodo Edit that is free, open source editor. I would like to have a PHP design tools Linux that is similar to Komodo Edit, which can be available for free. Thanks

I am getting many problems with vbscript hex encode on my web. I need to fix those errors but I don’t know which code to use and how can I write that. Can anybody provide me the right code or the site where can I get it? Thank you in advance!

I would like not to use pivot program monitor rotating making. If to say by other words-is there the way to rotate my monitor without installing the pivot software for that? Please suggest me that way. May be, any other software can do that better?