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Category: Misc Networking

Hi! I started a new internet business within my locality. I connect my neighbours to the internet and they pay me at the end of the month. I realized that some of them carry out heavy downloads therefore adversely affecting the speed for the other clients. Is there an open source LAN limited that I can use to control how much bandwidth each of the clients get? I will appreciate if the limiter is also able to completely disconnect someone when necessary. Give a bit of review please!


I have Visual Studio 2012 RC installed on my computer and I also recently installed MS Office 2013 but got this error message below when I started my Visual Studio, I later realized that the error was as a result of C++ runtime conflict between VS2012 and Office 2013, any ideas of how to solve this?

The procedure entry point-Atomic-fetch-sub-4 could not be located in the dynamic link library D:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\common7\IDE\devenv.exe

Please help.


Category: Software Others


I played fruitfully Angry Birds game in Google chrome, opera and in Firefox. But whenever I open this page in Internet Explorer 6, I become fail to open this file. At the time of attempt to load the “angry birds” I got the above error message. 

We’re sorry, but it appears that your browser does not currently support the web technologies needed to play Angry Birds.

Category: Software Others

Hello everyone here!

Today I am here for a critical error that I met yesterday. Look at the following screenshot carefully,

When I tried to unarchive this folder it told me that the folder cannot be unzipped.

I want to know why this happens and what should I do to get rid of it?


Category: Opera

I just installed the beta version of Opera Ice on my Xperia Android 2.3 Gingerbread with 1GHz Snapdragon processor.  When watching the events in Major League gaming opera browser, ad banners in flash player video keeps popping out.  Is it because it's still in beta and is there a solution for this?

I'm looking for text art generator app for my Iphone 5 with the A6 chip LTE version.  I want to convert a picture or jpeg image  to ASCII text art.

Category: Windows XP

I'm looking for a performance rating tool xp for my PC to run smoothly. My PC runs on i5 2.66 GHz, 4G RAM. Real-time defragmentation is a plus.

Thank you.

Category: Opera

I am trying to sell my Samsung s2 with opera installed as its search engine.  My problem is I can't delete my browsing history (global_history.dat) and cookies (cookies4.dat).  I can't even delete my log-ins in different websites.  How do I go about Opera mobile clear all prove data problem?

Category: Misc Software


I have a lil' prob on changing my skins toolbar but don't know where to get the toolbar skins software. Is there anyone who knows where to get the toolbar skins in Windows?

Category: Software Others

Hi All,

I like watching videos online and enjoy playing flash games. I came to know that we need adobe shockwave player to play flash games. I downloaded an application from a trusted web site and tried installing it. But I was shocked that the installation was interrupted with some error message. I was very disappointed with the web site.

Kindly help me in reinstalling the software so that I can watch videos and play games.

Thanks for the solutions.