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Hello expert, I’m using windows 8 OS on my laptop and I am interested to create blogs. So I want to get a news about web pages (HTTP). Now I want to download newzcrawler to my windows 8. Please suggest me some links or give me the related site to download it. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thanks. 

Category: iPad

Hello guys, I have an iPad and sketchup viewer but I need more sketchup viewer iPad. Is it possible to get more free sketchup viewer iPad online? Please tell me the process with details.Do not ask me any question. If you only then help me. It will be fantastic if you provide step-by-step process.

Category: MS Outlook

I use AfterLogic Webmail Pro PHP in my POP3 mail server.  I need AfterLogic webmail export contact to Outlook.  Do I have to convert it first to a CSV file before exporting to Outlook?  I'm on Windows XP 64 bit sp2 and I use Microsoft Outlook 2007.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Category: Apple Software

Hello Apple lovers,

When trying to get some funny mac icons super Mario topic related I assume that I would always get Windows related sites..
So in order to not waste my time I'd like -instead of searching MAC icons - trying to convert Windows icons to MAC ones is this possible ?
I know GIMP is the best tool for making icons but is it capable of converting their extensions ?
Thank you.
Category: Suggestions

Where can I get a good SD card tester windows?

My friend accidentally bought a fake SD card just this week.

He thought that it was 16GB but in our surprise, it can only store less than 2GB.

So, I would like to ask if there is good tester for SD card that has the ability to know whether the SD card is fake or not.

I am running Windows 7.

Thank you.

Category: Peripherals

After taking pictures with my family on my new camera, I turned the camera off. When I turned the camera on, the pictures were unreadable. It seems these pictures are corrupted. I've tried to reset my camera several times. But to no avail. I believe it was an sd card problem.  Is there any sd card tester windows compatible? Where could I download this freeware?

I need to sync my Ipad and want to use Winmap. I also want to do that in a short time basis. Can anyone explain?

Category: Visual basic

Anyone give me some idea about to create quiz in vb 6 or give me some sample codes, which can be used for quiz in vb 6.

My sword in nokia n8 is broke, do I need to drop it and buy a new one. Before that, please give me advice about repairing it. How do I fix broken sword nokia n8 ?

Hello guys, I wonder why every time I opened my adobe flash player portable creator it show an error message:  dll file is not available. Please help me guys on how to fix this soon. Thanks in advance!