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Category: MS Outlook

I have an email in my Outlook that I think is corrupted. When I open the message, Outlook hangs and eventually crashes. I cannot open, move, delete this particular message. How do I remove corrupt email from Outlook? I use Microsoft Outlook 2003.


Category: Feedback

Hi.  I think the internal memory of my digital camera got corrupted as I cannot access my JPEG images.  Is there a camera data recovery tool that I could use to retrieve the images?  I have the 20.2 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 that has the BIONZ image processing and Control Ring camera settings.

Category: MS Excel


I just installed the Sun ODF plug in for Office. When launching Excel, I get the Sun ODF plugin error 0. What does this mean? I'm still on Windows XP 64 bit and Microsoft Office 2010. Thanks.

Category: Mobile Software


Is there any way to create a Symbian signed certificate  without using  And can I self signed it ??

Kindly guide me as soon as possible and proper procedure as well. Thank you

Hi guys, I have a foxit pdf editor per mac. I am new to foxit pdf editor, is there a tutorial site available for this product or any video that can teach me how to use it. Thanks

Category: Misc Hardware

Hi Guys, I am want to learn how to make my own computer audio mixer. Can you help me find sites that provide tutorials on diy computer audio mixer. Thanks guys. Badly needing this one. 

Category: Safari

Hi, i am using Safari HTML 5 and was wondering if there is any plugin for download and  viewing Tiff using html5 in Safari including other image file formats like gif,jpg I am currently on iOS 5.1..

Any help would be appreciated.

Category: MS Visio

Hi guys,

Can I ask for help? I am a new MS Visio user. Can you help me create a visio of site to site vpn.? I need a visio drawing of all my networks , servers and connecting IPs. Thanks in advance

Category: Windows XP

Using Razer DeathAdder for playing Eve online and since mouse software update to Razer Synapse 2.0 facing with binding keyboard key on mouse button issue: after pressing mouse button 4 (Ctrl binded) Ctrl isn't holding, it's On and Off shortly, like just single click on a keybord. This issue appiers only in Eve, in other games mouse binding works like a real key on a keyboard. Somebody told me to do a macro for the key to hold it longer but I don't know how? Can you please advise?

Category: Exchange Server


I am looking for Customer relationship management tool (CRM) and I want to know about difference between web based CRM and Outlook based CRM.