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Category: Misc Software

I need to uninstall everest ultimate edition from my PC. Right after I have installed it from my friend’s disk, my PC went blank, there’s just white screen. Maybe it’s the software that caused or a virus. How can I uninstall it to make sure that all my files and existing programs will not be deleted?

Hello! I have installed Araxis Merge 6 on my computer to use in file comparison (diff), merging and folder synchronization. At times I realize that there are merge conflicts in the process. How can I resolve the issue of merge conflicts? Further, how does Araxis Merge 6 compare with DiffMerge? Thanks.

I tried to get but the IE tester latest download didn’t work. I've downloaded it directly from one of the software sites using IE browser. It’s freezing up. You think it’s my browser which is the problem? What other options are out there?

Hi, my friend sent me a video file with .mkv extension. It doesn’t work with my current frame by frame divx software. I need to edit it badly. I assumed it should work with all divx software.

Hello, I’ve been looking at a few available crm software contact center screenshots as I want to recommend the best software to a friend. I can’t decide on one and I don’t have much time to download trial versions. Can you please make a suggestion, as well?

Hello experts! Please suggest any open-source free software that allows to add jpg to mp3. The jpg would then be the mp3's associated image like an album picture. But this time, it’s a song picture. Could you please provide me with this add jpg to mp3 software that I am looking for? Thanks!


I'm new to rdf. I want rdf convert to as N3. I don't have any idea about converting rdf into N3. Any one give me the steps to convert rdf to N3.

Category: Ubuntu Linux

Hi Experts,

My Ubuntu was upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal). Before upgrading my Ubuntu I did not face any problem with VMware Workstation 7.1.3. Now it is giving an error message indicating

Unable To Build Kernel Module see log file /tmp/vmware-root/setup-7357.log for details.

A screenshot of the error message is given below. If you have any idea regarding this error message please help me.

Help me to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Category: Misc Software

I heard that there is a tool named arrow word solver that solves the daily mail arrow word puzzle. Is it true? If yes then tell me where I can find the daily mail arrow word solver tool.

Category: Internet

I used to play the card game jungle gin online and loved it very much. But recently I noticed that it has become very slow. So its very frustrating for the sluggish speed. Please suggest me if there is any way to play the game jungle gin offline. I really want to play it.