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Category: Windows XP

Hello techyv,com!

 I've done a lot of formatting on my Windows XP PC because there is a bad partition on my hard disk, and it crashes often. Anyways, I was getting tired of inputting its security code over and over again that is why I want to ask if there is a way to change my xp cd security code? Thanks!


I have here a Lenovo laptop. I have lots of movies in this laptop of mine, I've got like hundreds of it wherein I've downloaded them all from the internet. Now my memory had gone bad because I can't save movies anymore. I don't want to delete any of this, rather I want it to be burn into a DVD disk. However, I guess it would take forever before I finish burning this all. So please teach me a fast way to burn movies to DVD please?


I am using Windows 7x64 computer and I installed MS Office 2010 32bit, and I have this error occurring. I tried uninstalling Product Design Suite Premium 2012, Product Design Suite Premium 2013, Vault Basic Client 2013 and installed the latest 4 Vault hotfixes.

I then launched MS Office 2010 and neither of the products (Word, Excel or Outlook) worked, they only displayed an empty Vault Ribbon Group and the ribbon group Headline was not even displayed. However, the Vault ribbon inside button showed a clean gray button but not the usual icons and some of the buttons are working fine but not all.

Category: Software Others

Hello viewers!

I am getting a problem with the Real Player Converter Parsing. From the day before yesterday, I have been failing in converting the downloaded video as usual. As soon as I give the command, an error appears. It says,
 "File parsing error". 
Please help me asap. 
**Beside the said error,  it also tells about “codecs required for this input file processing are not found” ***
Category: MS Visio

I created multiple .rdp files using PowerShell but I'm having a problem in putting rdp link in visio.  Can I use a Remote Desktop for administration instead of web-based admin consoles?

I have a .3ds format file that I'd like to convert to 8-bit color images.  Do I need software for this?  Does someone know how to convert 3ds to tiff file format?

I'm trying to search broadcom beta drivers for  Broadcom NetXtrem II GigE in my hp c702 with xp pro.  Nothing seems to work.  It says disabled in the properties and when I enable it, it freezes.  Someone having the same problem?

Category: Feature tips

I want to upgrade the font of my Samsung Star II but the font that I want  is not in the option menu.  I used the TK File explorer and fonts are in TTF format but I don't know in what directory to put it in.  Can someone please help me in font changer for Samsung phones?

Category: Windows OS

Hello dear friends,

I am currently using an old windows 2000 system. It has many features in it and I want to upgrade to latest one.

After the upgrade from the internet, when I go to control panel and find any user, I am getting file restricted error.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Category: Misc Software

Hi guys,

Is it possible that some gps whether its on mobile or installed in car can be log? What are the best gps log analyzer software that has satisfactory result?