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I want to control the fan of my PC. I want to increase the fan speed when I run some applications like games. Also when I have opened more applications the fan should be worked fast. I am looking for some fan utility software which I can provide the control parameters manually. Also I do not know how to get the temperature of my CPU. Then I can use this data to control the speed of the fan. Is it correct? 

Category: Misc Software

Please let me know any lexmark simulation tool to design power electronics and motor control.

I have used PISM before. PISM provides schematic program, simulator, and waveform display.

I want another lexmark simulation tool or any other compatible one to do the same task and to visualize power electronics and Mechatronic systems.  

Category: Web

I have created new Joomla Templates by using some Joomla School Templates. Currently it is licensed under a Creative Commons. So it provides the permission to the public to share and to use my work. But I do not want it to be like that for the modified Joomla School Templates by me.

I just want to know the ability of changing the license. Can I adapt another license after change the Joomla template?

Category: Web

Hallo! My little boy loves the internet but I try as much as possible to keep him off it because I feel it is not safe due to bullying, sex related content and many other moral threats. It is argued that Pure Sight is a powerful tool that can be used to protect a child. Ok, I am not sure how it does that. Anyone who has ever tried it and established that it is not a scam? How does it work and what are some of the technicalities involved?

Category: Windows OS

My Acer screen saver turns to blank display, I don’t want to change to windows screen saver because of its feature that is not present on other programs. I know that this is a pre-installed by manufacturer, is there any way to restore it?

Category: MS Outlook


I am trying to calculate age using Outlook 2002 SP3, but it does not appear to work using dd/mm/yyyy.

The code that I am using is;

IIf([Birthday]<>"None",DateDiff("yyyy",[Birthday],Date())-IIf(DateDiff("d",CDate(Month([Birthday]) & "/" & Day([Birthday]) & "/" & Year(Date())),Date())<0,1,0),"")

Any suggestions? 

Category: Mobile Software

Hi guys, I have a Samsung wave 1 cellphone and it runs bada mobile operating system.

Do you know how to get a keyboard emulator for bada.

Thanks guys

Category: Software Others

Hello People,

When I click on “Play Game!” this error comes:

This is weird because it worked before... my root directory is: C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\company of heroes. And when I start blitzkrieg without the help of the launcher, the game displays an error after loading a Combat Map. I have also tried with different maps. And also if I try to update the launcher it will crash. What is going on?

Error launching game

The game could not be started, the path to the file is not set correctly or the game is not installed.

Hi guys, 

I am new to designing things using AutoCAD software. I want to view fonts in AutoCAD, but I just can't find them. Please answer my question, how to view fonts in AutoCAD software? 


Category: Anti-Virus


I have a computer at my home and I am very cautious about its maintenance and performance. I take many preventive measures to maintain my computer. I have Symantec antivirus installed to protect my PC from spyware.

At the same time, I have windows firewall enabled. I want to know if my practice is correct or not. Will this affect the system performance?

Please let me know the correct information on this so that I can proceed further.

Thanks for the solutions.