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Hello expert, When I was installing BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 7.6.4 Installer I got an error like blue color on my desktop and the computer restarts. Please can you give me the instruction how to install BMC remedy sp1?

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Hi expert,

I need your help. I need some important information about micromax dual sim mobile phones as I want to buy one. Please, tell me in detail about it especially about its price and new features added. If I want to buy it in India, tell me what I should do.

Thanks in advance

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We’re having difficulty connecting to a specific domain while accessing it with our Exchange Server 2003. Error displayed on the monitor says either the domain does not exist or it cannot be contacted. In addition to this, we cannot add new accounts or remove existing accounts and cannot sync outlook as well, hence causing the global address book not to be updated.

This is the exact error details: Facility Win32

Id no: C0070546

Microsoft Active directory error. Is this permission or a firewall issue? How can we solve this?

I'm really having a bad day.  I couldn't access a lot of applications on my Windows 8 64 bit desktop PC.  I ran Avast antivirus and it found a lot of viruses and malware.  It disinfected some and it deleted some.  Now, I lost a large partition on a GPT drive.  Are there any bad partition recovery freeware out there that actually works?

Is it ok to bring my HP c302 laptop interview questions for my presentation in class instead of  a projector?  I find it more comfortable to use Microsoft Office Photo Manager 2010 for the customizable slide show instead of the manual slide show of a projector.  I need the proper etiquette in presentations.  Thanks.

I'd like to convert MSG contact files to VCF format in big batches.  I'm using Outlook 2007.  My PC runs on Windows 7 64 bit.  What is the best msg to vcf converter which has an easy to use interface and can preserve all contact details during the process?  Thanks.

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while using auto quote I am getting the following error message while using the receipt features can someone tell me what is this message enforcing me to do?

Receipt amount exceeds amount allocated to invoices Overpayments in foreign currencies are not allowed. You must issue a debit note (and a credit note if desired) for this customer

I used a JQuery plug-in to create fires and flame animation but won't work in Internet Explorer 7. It worked on Google Chrome. 

Why won't Javascript for fire flame animation work in IE7?

 Is there a patch for this?

I'm planning to upgrade my current software to Microsoft crm software 4.0 sdk.  I use Windows Server 2003 and would the new software work on that server or do I also have to upgrade to  Windows 2008 Server?  I'm on Windows xp. 

Hi everybody,

I want to put a date and time on my server through PHP coding. I have a SQL code for putting the date and time. That is why I need to source code of sql convert to php language. Is there any way to convert SQL code directly to PHP?