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My external data is not showing any data in it, although it is using some space. The data is not even hidden. What can I do for the external hard drive broken data recovery?

Category: Windows 7

I want to use active directory users and computers. But it is not there in Windows features on or off. But I am unable to find. So I want to download administrative tools Windows 7 active directory.

Category: MS Works

What is the procedure to back up the emails in the computer? Can anyone help me make Microsoft Office 365 email backup to my local PC?

Category: Software Others

Hi Experts,

While compiling I received an error message with the line number and the file name. It indicates that it has been done to find it easy and to fix the error. If you have any idea regarding this error please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Bad or missing expression Compile aborted due to errors

I am looking for any audio converter to convert some of my audio files.

Please someone give the direct download link of any audio converter software.

I am learning graphic designing. I am very much interested about creating emoticons. I want to create emoticons for blogtv. Please send me some tips regarding blogtv emoticons creation secret. Please also tell me how to send the emoticons to blogtv.

Category: MS Excel

Hi, If you are an expert in excel please help me on this.

I have an excel sheet including student detail in an institute. Those students are in different ages. I want to categorize student based on the age. If a student is under 15, it should be appeared in a specific column as “under 15”. If over 15 should be appeared as “over15”. Can you create a formula?

Category: Cell Phones

ive heard that there is a malware in android, is this some kind of a bug to steal your personal info?

Category: Windows 2008

Hello fellow users,

When I attempted to run EICAR.COM, an error showed up, which is anticipated as EICAR is a DOS program and unable to run on Windows 8, but my question is I *should* get a virus warning, shouldn't I?

Error: C:\Users\sophos\Documents\

C:\Users\sophos\Documents\ is not vaild Win32 application

Category: Misc Networking

I’m stuck with the error code on my attempts to use the app.

An Error has occurred

An error has occurred.

(NP-13144-3. )

I search on the net and found out that the error occurs because "there was a change to Facebook and it's causing some issues with the app." This doesn’t help me though.

Please help me with this.