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Category: Misc Software

I am using Windows XP and have accidentally deleted some of my files from the recycle bin. Is there any way I can retrieve these files? Please suggest any good software that will enable me to do so.Thanks

Category: Misc Software

I have recently downloaded Crossover 12.5 but with this new version, Sharescope is not working. What can the issue be here? Is there any kind of installation error or should I try out another version of Crossover?

I am thinking to move my blog from Blogger to Wordpress but I don't want to lose any posts or comments or attached links during this transfer. Is there any way this can be achieved? How? Please advice me if doing so is safe and that I will not face any kind of problem.

Category: Google Chrome

I have heard Google Analytics is to be automatically updated very soon. May I know what does this auto conversion mean for my Google Analytics properties? Will the tracking codes be updated also? I am highly concerned as I don't have enough resources to retag my site right now.

I have noticed after upgrading to OS Mavericks, that my system is taking more time to fetch mail, Previously before upgradation, all was fine but now the speed has slightly reduced. Can an expert tell me why this has happened and if this is a common issue faced by all? How can this issue be solved?

Category: iPhone

I have recently upgraded to iPhone 5 .. How can I transfer my ring tones collections from my old iPhone 3 to this new set? Also let me know how I can assign my own songs as ring tones in iPhone 5?

Where can I find the Google Script available to transform Twitter widgets into regular RSS Feeds?


Category: Ubuntu Linux

Is it possible for me to install Linux OS like a native Windows application on my PC? What utilities will I need to install Linux in this manner and will I always be able to shift to the Linux environment whenever I want?


Category: MS Excel


My business is a food chain here in the Philippines and it has been so troublesome everyday in doing a manual day to day retail accounting. So please teach me how to use excel for retail, like math formulas and the likes. I've installed Microsoft Excel 2007 in my Windows Vista laptop lately, Please help me with my concern. Thanks!

Category: General

Hi expert, I need a help. Recently I bought 21Mbps Huawei E5331 HSPA+ 3G MiFi Modem Router. The firmware of Modem Router is too old. I want to update it. How to update huawei E5331 Mi-Fi firmware. So, provide a guideline to update the firmware. Thank You.