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How does Feed Reader 3.14 help user to find out information? What is “River of News“ tag? Where is difference between normal feed and smart feed? What is OEM? Can I use this offline mode? Is there added twitter search feed? What is Proxy configuration in it? Is there any local language available? Can this run on all windows operating systems? Where is difference between online feed and offline feed? Can Feed Reader 3.14 run from a USB flash drive? Thank You

Category: Mozilla

Hello, I am very much confused about Mozilla’s new SSL certificate encryption, please help me with those questions
Why does Mozilla Firefox use "opportunistic encryption"? In which version has this facility? What is "ALT-Svc" header? How to configure a server for OE? Is any bug of new version? Is there any facility for developers? Thank You

Category: Sound Cards

What is the port version of Xonar Essence STX? Can I use a home theater system, headphones and speaker set with this port? What is the main feature, it has? Please describe about Audio Performance. Which operating system is required? Which Accessories are available in Xonar Essence STX sound card? What is Magic Voice system? Thank You

Hello, I used Dreamweaver software but want to use CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.4.

Need some answers before use.

How is the battery life of  Fugoo Tough?

How  many speakers are available in this? Can I hear 360 degree sound from this?

Which metals are used to develop Fugoo Tough Bluetooth speaker?

Can you explain Fugoo Tough Bluetooth  speaker audio quality?

How many ports are there?


I have been working on trying to get a game up that is an online based game. Everything that I look up says i need to open up specific ports on my computer. I have been looking through my computer to find somewhere that tells me how to do that but i cant find a thing. I have a Windows 7 Ultimate. My internet is broadband and should be able to handle it.


Category: Fans / Cooling

I am using DELL inspiron 15 laptop. It is a old model and works fine.But now I am having problem with the fan of my laptop it stops during execution and after some time the laptop become over heat and turn off.When I restart the laptop it works fine for few minutes and then the same issue arise.

Category: Mobile Software

As there are many privacy issues with our handsets so i have recently downloaded application lock on my mobile but i have many times noticed that when i close any of the application which i have locked and open it after a while it doesn't asks me for the required code. So i would like to know that is there a problem with application lock app or with my handset  ?

Category: Apple Laptop

I have bought a new Apple laptop.It works great and its speed is matchless. The problem is that it has become very slow it takes double time to boot than usual time. My question is that can a apple laptop gets virus ? If so than how to remove it ? 

When I open any link in Mozilla browser. It shows a dialogue box  saying that my security certificate is expired. It proceeds when clicked on "Ignore and proceed" and when clicked on "get certificate" it gets certificate and then proceeds. I want to know what is the problem behind this? Why this error is showing to me ?