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Category: Misc Software

For quite sometime now I have been handling a GPSMAP 76S and the speed is still excellent. But I know there are new available ones on the market, new online mapping software that be used in a far excellent speed. For one, I have seen reviews on some magazines about ESRI and other mapping sites. I wonder what kind online mapping software would be the best to use for someone like me who is still a bit unclear on map handling and the likes? 

Category: General

Hi expert,

I need your help. I want to buy a Samsung galaxy i7500 hand set. From where can I buy it at a comparatively cheaper rate?

Does Samsung galaxy i7500 price vary country to country?

Please, show me the price list of different countries.

Thanks in advance

Category: VMware

I have upgraded my Ubuntu to Ubuntu 11.04 version Natty Narwhal on my VMware Workstation 7.1.3. Earlier version of Ubuntu was working perfectly suddenly it stopped working and keeps throwing the error when I try to compile the modules with the latest Kernel: I got the attached error:

Category: MS Access

Hi there! Making my program using Access. I have some issue on how making an auto number ddl script access 2007 Edition. What command should I use? Thanks guys indeed.

Category: Java

Experts! Any ideas on Java hotspot map process? I just want to know maybe in the near future it can be useful to me. Your help and inputs will be very much appreciated. Thanks indeed guys!

Hi to everyone!

I’m a novice on war games. Anybody here familiar with word of tank game cho Java? Please someone give some ideas and tips on how to play and the rules of the game. Thanks so many guys in advance for the time given.

Category: Database

On having tried to verify files in the vault, sometimes it can see this error message takes place (is produced);

A problem occurred while attempting to add ‘SHT3352STM.ipt’to’$/Designs/Errors’


A problem occurred while attempting to add ‘SHT3352STM.ipt’to’$/Designs/Errors’. Would you

like to continue adding any remaining files?

The server returned the following information: Error initializing the knowledge Vault in the database.

What is not it possible to think about how must I solve this? Experts can arrange this; to explain with a clear orientation.

Hello experts!

I have downloaded Easy 1-2-3 Form Builder a few months ago.

It's for my Joomla website development projects.

I just installed 123 form builder Joomla component/module.

I don't know how to fully take advantage of its features such as questionnaire and form creation.

Is there any manual 123 form builder Joomla component that's made available in the web?


Category: MS Word

I am entitled to annual leave in the company that I am working with. This is my first time actually. Of course, I want to register with the professional formality. Where could I get a leave register format Word template?

As Logitech Media Server is open source , I want Logitech media server customized as per my requirement. Can anyone refer me any PDF or document file for Logitech media server source code?