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Category: Mobile Software

Hi. Many softwares and applications are available for iPhone as well as iPad. Last days I heard about emoji emoticons so I searched  and download textile application but I can’t understand how to apply and use them. Moreover how to get dirty emoji emoticons for iPhone and iPad which could work properly and is reliable to use. Please some help.

Hi to everyone.

Converting is not so difficult task but problems can rise if software is not working or converted file is damaged due to some reason.

Same situation is with me, while trying to convert video file from OGG to WMV format, river past video cleaner can not compete conversion.

Process goes to 95% and ends automatically.

I have installed update and reinstalled it but it did not work.

Please tell me what is problem?

Category: Web Components

Hi. Recently I have installed Wordpress 3.5.1 latest version. Now I want to use the real Madrid theme for Wordpress but I don’t know how real Madrid theme works. Previously I have not applied any theme for Wordpress. Please help me to find out solution and some method to handle this problem.

I need help in converting html to icalendar. I have a personal calendar in html format that I need to share with some people, however their calendar application (Google calendar and Apple calendar) only reads a .ics extension. How do I go about converting html to icalendar?

Hello experts! Recently, I got several problems with my Internet connection at home. I regularly call my ISP for trouble ticket. But I realized it would be a real hassle doing the same troubleshooting while on the phone. Is there any downloadable and reliable tool that I could  use for Internet test for Mac OS? 

Category: Apple OS

Ok, I would like to edit a couple of rock music for my project. Now, I'm having trouble finding the right music cutter or music editing apps in the web. It seems like there is no app like this available in MAC. Is there a music cutter on the MAC and where can I download it? Thanks.

Category: Firefox

Hi experts,

I am having a problem regarding Firefox 12 URL Advisor/Virtual Keyboard & Anti-Banner sorted by patch C.

Although it started working, but it did not perform successfully. Compatibility issue might have occurred.

While running Kaspersky pure password manager for Firefox 13, I got the error message like this.



An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory:

MoveFile failed; code 183.

Please help me to run Steam on my Windows 7 PC.

I am getting this error when I am trying to run it.

How can I solve this error?

Any help will be appreciated.


Here is the Screenshot  of the error-

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Category: Anti-Virus

My antivirus KasperSky is not being active on my window. How can I active this program on my computer?

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

Activation error: Cannot set up server connection.

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Category: Mobile Hardware

Sony Z Series's Walkman application don't play Google Music well. So, I want to change Sony Z Series Walkman.

How can I change it?