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Category: MS Excel

I am creating a table and I will need a date picker that will show the Year, Day and Month info. I want to have the date pick from drop down boxes too if possible and  I want it to auto-populate the number of days for the current month selected.

Category: MS SQL Server

Good day, I am trying to create a date picker where all fields (Y M D) are all drop down Menus and automatically the month selected affects how many days are available to select in the day field. I want to use one form and inside that I will add all three form components to accept month date and year from the visitors that way I can create a date format which we can use in and SQL query to insert to any database or store. The format yyyy-mm-dd is used to store in a date field of mysql table. I don't want calendar displayed in any way.

Category: OS

Hello expert, I am using MAC OS on my PC. 

I need to install Java applets Mac. 

Can you please give me the steps to

Install Java applets for Mac operating system and please suggest me updated versions of Java applets for Mac OS.
Presently I am using Java with Mac OS. 
When installing Java applet plugins. It did not install properly and when installing I got errors in installations¾
Hence please provide me the direct link of updated version of Java which can support Mac OS.
Category: Mobile Software


 I am a small businessman; I have a retail shop for Ready-made Garments. I want Inventory management software for Android to mange my Business's inventory inflow and outflow. Now can anyone please tell which software would be best and cost effective?

Category: PHP


I want to developed a food ordering system with shopping cart and I have fair knowledge of PHP. Still I am researching on this topic and my question is can I use two different languages for food ordering system and shopping cart. If it is possible does any technical difficulties occurs when add shopping cart for ordering food system. Thanks

Category: Software Others

I want to have an idea for the back end coded language for a food ordering shopping cart? Can it provide immediate confirmation email sent to the customer? any video guide available?

Category: Suggestions

Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me how Outlook add-on Google Translate works? I have been trying to do some research but need added expert information to guide me on the right track.

Category: Others


I have to do a presentation about my university. I need to attach a video about my university to it. But he it has opening screen that Sails the year of the clip.

I can use the same video clip here if I and change the year to 2012 to 2013.

Can I do this?

Thank you

Category: Others


I am new to my job and it needs some series typing skill to work there. So I need fast way to improve my typing keyboard skills. I like to learn it in the correct and professional way. Any tips

Thank you.

Category: Mobile Software


I have a bunch of XML Paper Specification (XPS) file to read. So is it possible to read those in my android phone. So where I can download free xps reader for android.