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Category: Windows Vista

How can you increase or decrease a partition from within Windows Vista?

Do you need to use a third party software?

Category: Apple OS

Hello guys,

I recently downloaded and installed OSX 10.7. However, I failed to run Software Update and was flashed with the following alert:

'Software Update can't check for updates because of a network problem. The file “index-lion-snowleopard-leopard.merged-1.sucatalog” couldn’t be found on the server “”.

I repaired permissions, created new user accounts, but the issue still persists. The internet connection is steady. Software Update System Preference has no entries in the "Software Installed' tab.

Help needed. Please help me with a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Category: Internet

Hi experts.

Two days earlier, I tried to launch the PokerStars ( client, but then I found this error message:

I didn't expect this error to come out after launching. 

I need to solve this error.

Please help.

Thanks a lot.


Update Failed

Signature Expired or Wrong Time Settings

Category: Anti-Spyware

Hello experts.

When I opened Spyware Blaster 4.4, I got the following error message:

Error while unpacking program, code 2. Please report to author.

Then, I uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but I am still getting the same error code.  Need your help to solve this. Thanks.

Hello experts,

I use a very old version of Basecamp. 

I just downloaded the most recent software for the Basecamp 62 series.

My problem is I cannot get past this error. 

Deleted and reinstalled Basecamp twice, to no avail.

Need your help. Thanks.


Category: Apple OS

Hello experts,

I want to compose a biogeme ( on a MacBook 4 (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, Mac OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard).

The latest version of Snow Leopard 3.2.6 XCode is now available.  Along with it I also installed the latest MacPorts for extra package, also python 3.1.4, fltk 1.1.10, xmlwrapp 0.6.2, gcc 4.5.3

I have failed to compose biogeme with gcc 4.5.3 and also with gcc 4.2.1 with same result given here:

Making all in libraries/parameters
echo -d patParserParam.yy
-d patParserParam.yy

mv: cannot stat `': No such file or directory

Category: Lotus Notes

Hi experts,

I am a Lotus Notes user, and I'm getting the following error message:

"You have requested to sign this Internet message, but your current ID does not specify an Internet certificate for signing. Select OK to send the message anyway."

Give me a solution please. Thanks in advance.

Category: Misc Software

Hi, experts.

I have installed WinRAR on my computer. While running, I attempted to install a new version of the software on the same installation folder as the previous. However, I am presented with the following error message:

"Cannot create RarExt.dll"!

Please help me guys. Thanks in advance.

When I receive mails on my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, the mails do not show as content but in raw format with all headers/mime types.

What could be happening here?  Please explain a solution to correct this situation.  Thanks ahead.

Category: MS SQL Server

Why don’t we use a Structured Query Language (SQL) or queries from X to Resource Description Framework (RDF) files query? Why does it need to enhance new query of words? And how fast could I work on the task item into the emails?