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Category: Web

How can you set your Google mail to forward messages to another email address?

Hi guys,

I'm using Magento, and I'm currently facing some problems with translation. 

The default language is English, and I want to change the scope to Netherlands. 

The Bing translate button is grey, and it says translate "Engels to Netherlands". 

When I neglect the gray, I get an error message saying "error = true" (check screenshot).

How can I resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Category: PHP

Hi experts,

I loaded a WordPress blog, but when I tried to activate my theme (Mystique theme), I get a PHP error:

Warning: fopen(/home/***/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/mystique-extend/lang/.mo) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/***/public_html/blog/wp-includes/pomo/streams.php on line 109

I then tried to look in the directory for the documentation, but it does not exist.

Here's what bothers me. I also installed a similar version of WordPress as well as Mystique theme on another machine (Windows 7, XAMPP also installed) and it worked properly; there was no PHP error. I am able to use the Social-Media images on the theme.

Need to solve this. Please help.

Hello experts.

I always get a QuickTime error message when I try starting ArchiCAD. 

Check below.

ArchiCAD Environment

Category: Windows OS


When I try to boot my laptop, I get two "Bad Image" error messages, a few at random.  But during all boot instances, I find this: 


And also this:

Failed to load CommonRes.dll at boot.

Recently I removed a malware invasion but I'm still facing problems with the Operating System.  The installation times out when I run an update to SP2. 

Need an idea.

Thanks in advance.

Hello everyone,

I am a new user of Pentaho, and am trying to setup a new database connection. When I am going to connect to an Oracle 10g database to test the connection, I face this error message below. It doesn’t look like an error message, that’s why I am unable to understand to what to do next.

In my tomcat.lib folder, I put ojdbc.jars and I think I made a wrong attempt. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Errors are:

I am using Adobe Reader 9. When I attempt to open a PDF file in my browser, I get this error message:

attempt to open a PDF file

Please give me a solution.

Thanks a lot.


Acrobat plug-in

The Adobe Acrobat/Reader that is running can not be used to view PDF files in a Web Browse. Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and exit your Web browser and try again.


Category: Misc Databases


I am an a Landonline ( user and I'm facing an issue.  After linking with the system, I received the following document:  Landonline workspace-CPG_S04-layout plan sheets.

But I get an error.  See below.

Landonline Workspace - CPG_S04 - Layout Plan Sheets

Message: 3505

Error Number 45.

Error text = Error calling external object function getxmlparser at line 60 in pfc_save event of

object w_cpg_s04_layout_plan_sheets..

Window/Menu/Object = w+cpg_s04_layout_plan_sheets.

Category: iPad

Hi all,

I have an issue with Airplay on my iPad 2. When I click on “Airplay” on my device, nothing changes. It plays only Air Video. I tried rebooting, unloading and reinstalling Air Video, but to no avail.

Airplay is working perfectly on my iPad 1, iPod Touch 4g, and iPhone from Air Video.

What could have caused this? I would really appreciate if someone shed light on this problem.

Thanks ahead.

What is the cause of the beating? How the system does recognized thrashing? Once it recognize thrashing, what would be the rule to terminate this issue? What is the use of Ntbootdd.sys files?