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Category: Mobile Hardware

Mobile Phones to be used as TV remotes?

Can anyone help me to understand what hardware in a Mobile helps to act as a remote to a TV?

What are the APP's needed?

What signals are transmitted?

Category: Internet

What are the new additions of Facebook in 2013

I have been a intense user of Fb and want to know all the additions they added in this year to see if i noticed all the changes

Please give me all possible changes

Category: Internet

I have a PDF file to edit. I also have to change the format before making change in it, so I am looking for a website where I can convert this file to doc format. I am not keen to download any software. Does anyone know such type of site?

Category: Windows XP

My computer is Windows XP Home Edition SP3. I downloaded the trial version of EDIUS 6 and unzipped the folder. I double clicked the SetupManagerForEDIUS.exe file according to the instruction. But file didn’t open. Clicking the Setup.exe threw a "License agreement" window along with an error “17001 - System error". I have Let's Edit software installed on my computer. I have tried installing EDIUS 4 trial version before but uninstalled it. Why am I receiving the error? How can I resolve it?