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Category: Misc Hardware

Dear Experts,

I tried playing with an unearthed and old PS3 when I got this error message.  I searched the internet and learned that it was an old error and not sure if it was resolved.  I got tired of searching for solutions so I turned to this forum hoping that an expert would help me fix the problem. 

Please help.  Thanks in advance.

An error has occurred.  You have been signed out of PlayStation®Network.



I was downloading a program from one of our servers when I got this error message. I was doing this for several PCs already but I got this error message from this particular PC. Based on the error message, I have checked the PC’s network connection and it seems alright. Don’t know what’s causing this problem.

Please help.

My error message is shown below.

Cannot Start Application-Application download error

Cannot Start Application

Application download did not succeed. Check your

network connection, or contact your system

administrator or network service provider.