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Category: Misc Networking

I want to know about the newly launched networking site Google plus. How does it work ? How to get connected to this networking site.  Do I need any invitations from others to join this site ? Any help ?

Category: Misc Security

Hi there, I use iPhone for my personal purpose.

Can I do log out my Facebook account away from my laptop by using my iPhone?

Is there really any option in iPhone to do this work done remotely ?

Category: Misc Software

Hi , I do follow various blogs, like to read and keep updated on topics of interest.

It’s a great way to unwind and keep my current affairs up to date.

I want to turn partial RSS Feeds into ad free text feed for free.

Category: Server Software

Hi, I am  an webmaster. It is very necessary for me to look the uptime of my servers or website. I need to get notified whenever my website or server goes down so that I can take appropriate action on time. How can I do it ?

Category: Misc Software

Hi everyone, 

I am tired of going online and signing-in on YouTube again and again to listen to my favorite songs by favorite artists. Is there any way out to convert YouTube videos into mp3 files in real-time?

Hi Every One, Is there any simple way out to turn images into quality thumbnail ? I am really in need of doing this sort of work to be done as early as possible. Can you suggest any specific software ?

Category: Internet

Hi there,

I want to wish my friends of  Facebook on their respective Birthdays though I am not logged in to Facebook.

That is, if I forget to wish any one on their Birthdays, is there any automated way of wishing them from my ID ?

Category: Misc Software

Hi, every one is there any extremely user-friendly way of building all the complex graphs and charts on the fly without any hardcore technical expertise ? 

I want to give my works a professional shape?

Can any one help me out ?

Category: Misc Software

Hi, recently I have heard about the term "FlippingBook " . In fact I have no idea about this term. What this term really mean ?

Is it a kind of software which converts files from one format to another ?

Category: Misc Networking

What is the meaning of IP address. Naturally we see an IP address consists of several numbers. What is the significance of those numbers ? Who provides IP addresses? Is there any one who can answer all these questions?