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Category: MS SQL Server

Today I was trying to install SQL Server 2008 but it gave me an error message after completing some stages. I tried to install this program almost 7 times but sometimes it gives an error in the beginning and some times it gives an error near completion. I am very confused about this error.  Please tell me its solution. How can I resolve this error?

Rule Check Result

Rule "Windows Firewall" generated a warning.

The Windows Firewall is enabled. Make sure the appropriate ports are open to enable remote access.

I am using Mac operating system now I want to play one movie in this operating system but when it try to play movie then I receive below error.

I also downloaded classic media player and some other from internet may be it resolve problem but I can’t get success.


An error has occurred which probably prevented the proper execution of the program:

If you believe it is a bug, please follow the instructions at:

Do not display further errors

Category: Oracle Database

I am trying to install Oracle 11g but oracle is asking from me for Configuration Assistant and I don’t know about it please provide me some guidelines about this problem. Also tell me what is the benefit of  dorectory?

Oracle Net Configuration Assistant

The directory has not configured for this usage. It does not contain the required oracle Schema, or the Oracle Schema Version is not correct. Select how you wan to proceed.

I want to continue without using a directory service.

I want to verify the directory service information and try again.

I start my computer it is working properly but when I open any program then I receive an error that window feel hard drive detection problem then I restart my computer then I double click at Word file but same error appears again.

All detail of error is given below. Please tell me its reason and solution.

Windows detected a hard drive problem.

A hard drive error occurred while starting the application.