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I need to use my monitor with DVD player. Now I do not know how to use them together and I need to know the process how to sync them together. Kindly someone help me with the process so that I can use them together.

Ariel Chu


My adobe acrobat reader has suddenly causing trouble.

It is not opening my PDF files rather it is just taking the command and doing nothing.

What could have caused this trouble?

Should someone know how to fix it kindly let me know.

Ariel Chu

Category: Internet

Hi, I'm using the latest version of Skype.

Here i noticed an option to make call to phone/mobile phone.

But i'm not sure if the settings is okay to make a call in Phillophino?

I need some help. Thanks.

Category: Peripherals


I have recently purchased a Bluetooth device to use in my problem.

When I plug in the device the auto installation starts and then there is this error which says that installation as not successful. 

I have changed the port and put it into another port, but the result is same. 

Please kindly someone tell me what is causing the problem.

Ariel Chu

Driver Software Installation


Driver Software Installation

Device driver software was not successfully installed

What is the problem here? After I install applications it always says that "********.dll" files is missing. Can you help me find those .dll files?


I have a Lenovo G460 laptop with core i3 processor and 2 GB RAM. Recently its battery has gone down so I need to purchase a new battery for my laptop. I need to is there various battery options for one particular laptop.

If there is than I like to know the long lasting one for my laptop.

Kindly someone instruct as soon as possible.

Ariel Chu


We have a problem here working with PowerPoint. We can’t save files as we want.

Our designers work with many designs and creative works.

They do very great stuffs, but here is what we came stopped. We are facing an unhelpful error message here.

He has took an screen shot of that error message and clipped it.

Here it is below.

I wanted to install an external hard drive to retrieve data from another computer.

So i plugged the second drive and started my computer and then we see the windows logo it stops responding and nothing happens.

So i tried unplugging and it's working again. so i wonder if it's because on the two hard drive there is an operating system that is installed or if the hard drive that make this problem.

I am on windows 7.

Category: Windows 7


When I open my personal computer or laptop, I am having an oversight meaning double indicating "error ccc.exe, application error0xc000007b" press All right to be able to discourage. In addition to "windows came across an issue with regsvr.exe and needs to close, send out problem report to 'Microsoft'."

I am trying to understand the true reason that this matter happens? Is it because of its OS Win7 32 bit? I am not aware how exactly these problems started off... I don't have anti-virus. Will you please recommend an answer? I cannot really understand what the problem is.

Please suggest how to eliminate this error and recommend a high performing antivirus also.

Thank you.

Hello buddy.

About couple of days ago, I started getting this every time I tried to run a program:

C:\windows\system32\version.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error.