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I’m new and hello Game Booster user. While running the program I get an error message.  Please, look at the message on the screenshot below and provide me with a solution.

Game Booster
Cannot find backup file "C:\ProgramData\Iobit\Game\Booster\TweaksBackup.reg".
The file was deleted or your system was already at Top Performance before tweaking.
Category: Anti-Spyware

I received an error message when attempting to install the update for the VIPRE Antivirus Anti spyware software. The first message I received was to update the software. The software also is my Personal Firewall. Please help to solve this problem.


New software has been downloaded and it is ready to be installed. When should we install the software?

Category: Anti-Virus

Maybe I’ve loaded viruses on my pc forgetfully and there is Norton Internet Security 2011, installed but still it can’t ensure the security. When I’ve tried to fix the problem it appears with an error message which is:

 “ORDINAL could 383 be installed in the Dynamic Link Library…. Iertutil. Dll.”

I know a little about the computer and I’m trying to learn. That is why I can’t fix the problem. Can anyone please, help me to fix it up?

Category: Anti-Virus

I have got myself Symantec Anti-Virus updated version i.e., 8.0. All I want is to install it in my personal computer and set my computer system so that it acts as an Anti-Virus Server platform. But during installation process it results in an error message saying the following string.

“The feature that you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable” How could I proceed? 


Symantec AntiVirus

Error 1714 The older version of Symantec AntiVirus cannot be removed.Contact your technical support group.

Category: iPad

Hello Experts,

I am using a Windows XP PC and I recently bought an iPad. My problem is, when transferring my photos from my new iPad to my PC, the photos will be shuffled and the order will become unsorted. How can I organize my photos after transferring it? Any ideas please let me know.

Thank you.

Category: Misc Security

What is the difference between WEP and WEP2. Does the level of security significantly differs between these two? If yes, up to what rate?

I wanted to know directly from experts here if they can provide me a list of softwares (that they have first-hand experience of) that can automatically discover, monitor, and manage software and network resources. I am currently writing about an article about softwares that fall under this category. I know that there would be a wide range so, I wanted to limit it, base from first-hand experience of real users. Hope somebody here can provide me their highly-recommended softwares. Thank you.

Category: Email Servers

Aside from POP3 and IMAP4, are there any other protocols used in regular e-mail clients in retrieving e-mails?

I am just curious. Thank you.

Category: Web Marketing

Please suggest some email tracking program / software you've personally used before.

Is it effective?

Thank you.

Category: Hardware


I wanted to have a built-in Bluetooth in my ASUS K40IJ series could it be possible? Can you help me? Thanks.