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Category: Hardware

I need to have a permanent password for my laptop, and I want to have a program that the router automatically changes its password daily for my customers.

I am having an Error 1935 while installing OpenOffice. I am running Windows 7. How can I correct the error?

Category: Oracle Database

I need your help on this problem that arose after I installed Oracle 10g database software on local disk D in my pc that runs on windows 7. The problem is that I get errors telling me permission denied when I tried creating a database. I don’t get this since I enabled “run as administrator privilege” during installation.

What should I do next?

Hi, I am looking for someone to give me an informed opinion on cloud computing for high performance computing applications. What does the future hold for it? The applications I am referring to are the scientific software that usually uses a high processing power. Will there be changes to the alternatives of the programs that are currently on use such as Cyclone, which is not that interesting to use. Thanks in advance for your help