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Category: CPU Processors

My PC is running too slow. I have installed an old 320  IDE hard disk along with a new SATA 500 GB Hardisk. My PC  RAM is 4 GB and the processer is  1.2 GHZ( Dual Core). Will the speed increase if I use only one type of Hard Disk?

Hello people. I have bought Microsoft Office 2010, and there' s only one key.

I downloaded Ms Office in English, and I wanted proofing tools to be in another language, but I had to pay for that!

Is it possible to have English interface with proofing tools in another language?

I would download Office in my language, but I'm used to use the English version.

I just want the proofing tools in my language.


Category: Apple

My Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 detected an error “No Computer Detected” when trying to scan a HP product control panel. I cannot even scan. Help needed.