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Category: iPhone

Hello! An irritating problem I have. The touch screen on my iPhone 3G becomes unresponsive sometimes. The home button works so the phone isn’t stuck but touch doesn’t work at all. The touch works perfectly again if I lock the phone and unlock it.
I have no idea why this happens sporadically. It always works after a lock/unlock so I am thinking it’s a software error.
I request ideas from anyone.

Category: Anti-Virus

My Mac Pro has been installed with Norton Antivirus but it’s kept on getting error saying to re-install Norton or open the live update. The dialogue box keeps on showing up even though I have tried doing both. The dialogue box is still showing even after I have decided to uninstall it.

Showing up this dialogue:
Norton Antivirus Error
Norton Antivirus Auto-Protect could not continue. Please run Live Update or reinstall Norton Antivirus and restart. (Code: 10)

Can any one help me, please?

Category: MS Excel

Hello, I am in a dilemma with my Excel document.  I have 3 images on it, and I want to edit them for printing, but I can not see the images.  When I print the document, I can see the images, but they do not appear on Excel.  My OS is WinXP, office 2007. What might be the reasons behind this problem?

Category: Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is a new thing for me.

Via the software centre, I tried to install the get things gnome which I got from the Ubuntu software centre anyway.

Then I installed that before I installed korganizer.

I get the following error when I try to install get things gnome via the software Centre.

Why does that happen?


Package dependencies cannot be resolved This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable.

Category: Misc Software

Something left behind from pocket map pro is coming up with this error message when trying to install a new piece of software called “Missing Sync”. Why is this error message appearing?

I’ve been experiencing problems with my AT&T Blackberry Bold (9000).

At first, it appeared to be dead; the device wouldn't charge, reboot, turn on or exhibit any sign of life, except a blinking red light when I would plug it in the charger (however, it wasn’t charging yet).

I tried to reset (Alt + Shift + Del) and then it was no longer blinking red but the screen was white and reading an error message "Reload Software 507".

Even though the computer beeps when I plug the BB in by USB, the Desktop Manager 4.6 does not acknowledge the connection.

I have already taken the following steps:

- replacing the battery

- pressing "Alt + Shift + Del" simultaneously

Category: Mcafee

It is the scenario of 27th February. I use to ignore notification and keep using Task Manager. The next day on February 28th, I came up with McAfee Consumer Support and awarded him full control of my computer system so they can sort out the mess I'm facing.

During the procedure I realized the red circle appeared on the ToolBars and Extensions Bar. By the time I've never experience such look. I am clear about it that initially the Add-ons were enabling but not now. While I was viewing the screen showing McHlp 32 exe -- Application Error pop-up sign appeared.

At that time I started McAfee Virtual Technician before making interaction with McAfee Consumer Support though the representatives raised the following message:

Category: Web Marketing

Hello People!

I would like to hear your opinion about Expand2web.

It have read that it is a prominent store that provides solutions to start-up small businesses and that it also give good services for SEO (search engine optimization) and WordPress.

I hope someone here can provide me with their own thoughts and user experience as I am interested in trying it.

Thank you all!

Can you guys tell me the platforms that LCDprocs support.

how much client can it handle in one display?

What is the difference between a .jad file and a .jar file? Is there a way to convert a .jad file to a .jar file and vice versa? Also can you recommend online programs that I can use in making .jad and .jar files?