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Category: Hardware

Hello guys,

I have a PC that has Windows 7 ultimate, my motherboard is D945 GCNL & my processor is Intel dual core & video card is NVIDIA 9500 GT.

I am really fond of gaming. Last night while playing the Call of Duty 7 my pc just had a blast & my pc turned off & some burning smell come out. After that I am not able to turn it on.

What is the problem?

Category: Virus & Spyware

On somedays when I search anything in search engines and then click on the desired search page it redirects me to some other webpages. It actually redirects me to 2-3 webpages at a time. I cannot rectify this issue. I think it is a problem related to viruses.

Need help from you guys.

Category: Web Cams

Hello guys,

I am having a problem & that is making me crazy, whenever I insert a Pendrive to the USB drive my webcam turns on for some time , same happens when i reject a Pendrive from my pc.

I have tried formatting my Pendrive but nothing works.

Help needed.

Category: Windows 7

Good evening friends!

My PC volume disappears automatically.

After few minutes I start my computer my PC volume disappears & clicking the volume icon shows you don't have any sound card installed.

But I have my sound card installed.

I check for the recent driver for my motherboard & installed it but still problem persist.

Category: Windows 7

Good evening friends,

I am having a problem & desperately need of your help. My computer turns off automatically at any point of time & then if I want to start it again, it is not responding for 15-20 minutes. After 15-20 minutes I am able to start it again. I can't recognize the problems.
My OS is Windows 7 ultimate, dual core processor, motherboard Intel D945 GCNL & video card Nvidia 9500GT.