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Category: Windows 7


I want to install Scala IDE to my Eclipse. Every time I start the installation the process stops at 50%.

I downloaded the zip file and then tried to install it but it also stopped at 50%.

Category: Email Servers

Can you suggest me a open source SMTP server?

The server should be available for Windows and support SSL.

Also should be PHP and ASP.NET based. 

We have ColdFusion Server MX7 and we need to restart it.

Can we restart this server via any code or Admin IP, without administrator ?

I have a small company with a few computers, which I want to connect together in a network. For that I have Apple Internet Router. How to setup and connect that router with the other computers ?


Is it possible to change the MAC address of my computer?

My system is windows.

If it is possible how can i change it?

What is the problem between Internet Explorer and Yahoo mail account? When I sending a message, Internet Explorer 9 stops working. I never had any problems with other explorer editions.

Category: Visual basic

How can I make a short program in Visual basic that prints my initials in one line code body using asterisk in seven lines?

Category: Exchange Server


I have outlook as my mail client.From last 2 days i am not getting a single email.I tried to send mail from my yahoo id still no luck.May be outlook not sync with exchange server.Thanks


Can we make all DCs in a large forest as GCs. If not possible please tell me.


Hi guys,

I’ve got a problem with my Sky Player on my Desktop. Whenever I try to run this, I just get an error. And that is:

'An error has occurred. If the problem continues check the Sky Player FAQs at'

I also signed up to the website, but I didn’t get any error code. So, I need some ideas for this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.