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I want to have access to Internet and to download games, via my Xbox 360 console.

The Xbox console has Xbox 360 wireless adapter, which connected the console to Internet.

How to set up this adapter to my home wireless network ?


How to find out whether a memory is eccparity RAM or non-eccparity RAM? Does the number of chips on the module helps to find it out?

I tried to connect my PC with TV by HDMI connection and I have problems with the full screen resolution.

Where to find info about connecting PC to TV?

I get this error again and again that is " Java(TM) Platform SE binary has stopped working.

But i don't find any problem with my laptop.

What could be the problem?

Java(TM) Platform SE binary has stopped working

Windows can check online for a solution to the problem the next time you go online.

  • Check online for a solution later and close the program
  • Close the program

Hello friends, My laptop has got a new problem after 3 years of use.

It gets hot in 20 mins.

Please help me out.

Category: MS Access

How to update, add, and delete data on MS Access and use it as a search engine?

Category: VMware


I am trying to connect VNC via a live connection. I see an error message while looking at the remote machine directly.

The error message is shown below.

Thanks in advance.

This page shows the current status of VNC Server and helps to diagnose common configuration problems.


VNC Server status and Troubleshooting

This page shows the current status of VNC Server and helps to

diagnose common configuration problems.

VNC Mirror Driver is not available [details]


Category: Exchange Server


I have a xp pro sp2 system.Whenever i try to connect to exchange server it gives me error:Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error(0x8004011D): 'The server is not available.Pls resolve this issue.Thanks

Category: Exchange Server


I have one forest with exchange 2007 sp1 installed on 2003 sp2 and another exchange 2010 sp1 on  windows 2008 R2.

I have created two way forest trust but when i prepare move request it gives error:"source domain controller not available or authentication failed".

Please help me to resolve this.

Category: Misc Software

I am facing some problems when I try to install the newest version of Live Essentials in my pc.

I tried it for several times.

But every time I just get a message and that is:

Couldn't install programs
Please try installing Windows Live programs again

An unknown error occurred
Error: 0x800b0003
Source: WaitForCatalog

It is very essential for me to run this software. So, please I need some advice for this.