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Category: Misc Software

I just downloaded the newest version of Yahoo messenger. I used to use the yahoo messenger 10 before. When I tried to install the newest version, I got an error. It is like DLL error. Every time I try to install it, the same thing happens.

So, I need some advice to solve this issue.


Category: Misc Networking

Hello experts

I am having a printing problem with my XP domain clients.  There is no error message, but they just can’t print.  I have opened printer sharing and have configured security access but still the problem persists.  Please give me the answer. Thanks in advance.

Category: Misc Software

Anybody knows how to fix “Fatal Error Unhandled E0434352H Exception at FD4CA49DH” on AutoCAD 2012 Student Version?

I am unable to use the program due to this error. I need help please.

Category: Misc Software

Previously I was installing a few programs for a Universal Serial Bus (USB) remote device and now I am having so many problems.

One thing, right after rebooting, there’s an error message that appears on my monitor stating that an application has failed to initialize properly and needs to be terminated.

I click on OK to remove the error message and get back to work, but after a while it pops up again.

Here it is:

Then I get another error while working:

I have just updated my computer and after that an error appeared on the screen saying WINDOWS UPDATE_0000737D and WINDOWS UPDATE_dt000.

Does anyone know what this means?

Do I need to reinstall something?

I am also confused why my computer installs updates whenever I turn it off.

I did not press any command to install anything.

Please help me.

Category: Email Servers

Recently I received some messages that do not have my name in the To, Cc or Bcc fields. There is a small icon to the right of the subject which, apparently, is a relationship of some sort. A check shows my name, properties, and "track" my e-mail lists. Can anyone tell me how this happened and why?

Category: Hard Drives

Is there a more efficient way of backing up data without having to undergo the tedious process of transferring the data to my external HD then to one computer then to another computer?  Is there a way to link the two computers so that data transfer is easier?  One PC has WinXP and the other has Win Vista.  Please help because I have limited knowledge on data transfer.