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Hi Friends,

I have selected a video list on YouTube. But I am afraid there is no download option.

Can I down them alternately?

Category: Windows Vista

Hello guys, I am getting some scrap files on my user folder in windows Vista.

I have no ideas what they are for! I am afraid if they are virus! please see the attached image.

Category: Misc Software

Hi experts,

After getting depressed with a few of the erratic actions in the R8.0 user ( or should I say beta 4), I made a decision to do a complete reinstall (even followed a few ideas in the R 8 forum on eliminating (default) printer etc.)

Then I uninstalled swiftfile, removed directories, Lotus Notes client, all trace of notes I could get in the registry as well as reinstalled it.

Bit still I get this error message.

Category: Web

I am using Internet Explorer that is built into Windows XP. Most of the time an error message comes up on the screen that compels me to close the Window then and there resulting loss of any important messages. Because of occurring it again and again I am now so much frustrated.

Please help.

Category: Web

I have a blog on, but now when I go to my main page, I get an error: 

"Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found.

Perhaps searching will help."

I was thinking that editing the main page would fix this, but I can’t even find that page on my dashboard now. 

So how can I fix it? 

Any help please?

Category: Hardware

I installed Creation 2012. When I opened it, I got an error “Content Creator Crashed” and my DVD stopped working. When I tried to repair it, it still failed.

I got an error in the log that describes “Faulting application name: VideoWave13.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4e2467ec” with exception code of 0xc0000005.

How can I correct this?

Category: OS/2 Apps

I need help to direct the linker into different ‘mpi’ library with ‘PGHPF’. Also need to create link map with the compilers. The linker is complaining regarding the missing symbol ‘ctype_b’.