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Category: Storage Misc

Hi, When I am browsing files on my vista then the folders with picture are viewing a picture inside of it.

Can I choose a specific picture which could be displayed in the thumbnail view of folder?

Category: Windows XP


My computer is running with operating system Windows XP.

Every thing is fine but my disk is almost full.

Hence, I want to delete all the previous restore points in order to free some space.

Hope to do that?

Category: Server Software


 Today I tried to set up PowerCLI on a fresh installed Windows 2008 R2 server.

But I found the following error message:


VMware vSphere PowerCLI Installer Information Error 1406.Could not write value InstallPath to key \Software\Vmware,Inc.\Vmware vSphere SDK Runtime.Verify that you have sufficient access to that key,or contact your support personnel.

Need a solution.

Thanks in advance

When installing software I get the following error message

This software has not passed Windows Logo testing,

Does this mean the software danger?.

Also, should I continue with the installation or what should i click the continue anyway button

kindly assist help me with appropriate suggestions.

Thankful for help.

the below is the error image

Category: Misc Software

I have installed Secunia in my PC. But when I try to open it , I find a blank page with a message that Secunia is not responding. Please suggest the best solution of it.

Category: MS SQL Server

Hi, I keep getting this error when I try to save an Incident. 

This comes up every time I click on “Save”, whether I did update any field or not.

Though I don’t think it’s a BR, I’d appreciate if you can give me an easy way to disable all BR’s so I can be sure it’s not one.  I’m thinking that SDE is trying to write a row that contains a sequence that is already in the _SMDBA_._TELDETAI_ table. Then again, I’m not quite sure.  Hope you can help.


VBScript:BMC Service Desk Express

Category: Firefox

I got an error N8011 when trying to open the Silverlight window from within the Application Storage tab. I have tried different browsers such as IE7, Chrome and Firefox but none works.

How can I fix it?

Category: Misc Software

Where I can search the details regarding the programming in ‘CULA’? Also need to find ‘functions reference’. What are the tools may used for making the ‘CULA’? I don’t know why the CULA functions are taking pointers to host memory. It was supposed to take GPU memory. Why this CULA interface seems different from all other CPU implementations?