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Category: Windows XP

Hi, from my windows XP I was trying to make a call in Skype. But the call was getting filled with a message as ERROR 1002. I reinstalled the Skype but failed to have success. Please let me know something about fixing this problem. Thanks.

Category: Misc Software

Hello users,

I recently have downloaded no$gba and whenever I try to run a rom, an error message popped up . This error message mainly about something related to the procedure of getting the gba BIOS.

I am looking forward to getting that, can anyone help me out?

If there is no way to get it, can you suggest easiest way to use DS emulator by any means?

Thanks in advance. Help will be appreciated.

Category: C

On my Neurotechnology Biometric SDK 4.2 (Product revision number: 81229) I encountered a problem on the ABIS. During scanning a finger, following error where returned

Category: Anti-Virus

Hello experts,

Please help me find the solution for the error I get when installing BitDefender 2010 on my 64-bit windows 7. I even tried installing it on Windows Vista but the same following error occurs during the installation:

BitDefender Internet Security 2010
Extracting file failed. It is most likely caused by low memory (low disk
Space for swapping file) or corrupted Cabinet file.

Category: iPod Hardware

I have a usual docking station. When I dock there, only the right speaker works. But all the connection pins are up and running. What could be the error?

Category: Safari

When I open Safari for the first time on my PC it takes a lot of time and the downloads speeds are also bad. Any software to increase it?

Category: iPhone

I purchased an apple IPhone 4S. I can't communicate with SIRI properly. Why is this? Is this because of my ascent?

Category: iPod

I have included only 2 songs in my new ipod and it shows memory full. I can't add more songs.

Category: Anti-Virus

I lost an entire folder when deleting a virus. Is there anyway I can restore it back without the virus?

Category: Anti-Virus

Hi. A virus hit my computer. But I removed it using Kaspersky. But every time i switch it on. It's there again.