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Hi, I am using Symantec Ghost v8.3.

While ghosting an image in the computer I found an error with a code looked like ERROR 25002.

I tried for some helps in the web forum, but failed.

Do you know anything about the solution of this problem?

Any help will be appreciated.

Hello, I am new on this forum and need your help. I am concerned about other users who have posted same threads with quite similar problem and I went through them with great care. After reading those threads, I got a new kind of problem which is stated below

Same like other users, my PhotoPlus X3 was not running after a bad computer shutdown and Windows disc repair. My operating system is Windows Vista. After attempting the un-installation and re-installation PhotoPlus, I got the same problem.

Then I changed the date of Windows to a date before that bad shutdown, but also I am failed. Every time I am getting this error message 'Abnormal Program Termination'.


When I try to use WindowsBlinds 7, an error message appeared on my screen mentioning "WindowsBlinds does not appear to be installed correctly on this machine. Would you like to fix this issue now?" I am confused what could be the reason behind it as I have the full version and no other complication. The message mainly shows up when I apply a skin. What is the problem with the WindowsBlinds in my PC? Please help me to find a solution.

Thank you in advance.

Category: Virtualization


I am currently developing a web based application and I tried to integrate virtual earth services in it.

But when clicked 3D on the installer the setup starts installing it and suddenly it pops out the following error message:


Virtual Earth 3D Installer

Installation failed, check the log file for more information

Hi I have a Compaq 61 laptop and I want remove the clock to restore an unknown password.

Will this affect other functions of the laptop?

Category: Ubuntu Linux

I reinstalled Linux and now i need to install drivers. The type of the motherboard is Toshiba Satellite L505-ES5018.

Category: Misc Hardware

I have a Creative infra 48X CD driver. A bit old now though. When I press the eject CD button, it comes out but closes automatically.

Why is this?

Category: Windows XP


I upgraded to XP SP3 and now my computer freezes in almost 30 seconds after powering up. I can't even shut it down. have to manually shut it down. Help needed.

Category: PC Laptops

I'm using a Compaq laptop. It overheats so quickly and now the performance is slow. What can I do? It doesn't have much applications as well.

Category: Windows XP

I have put a password on my earlier laptop and now I want to use it back. (after about 3 months). But, I can't REM. The password.