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Category: Misc Software

Hi, I am having a problem in my Nokia n70. I was trying to update the software using ovi suite in my computer. But after a few time the update stops and showing me ERROR 12052.

I reinstalled the ovi suite but the problem remained as same. Now please give me some hints about how to fix this. Thanks

Hello everyone,

I changed my current system which is WINDOWS PHONE 7 Beta to WINDOWS PHONE 7 RTM just before last weekends.
Everything was going well and new WP 7 RTM apps were created easily in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with no problem. I initiated some quick tests with new templates and I successfully dealt it to deploy those on the Emulator software.By the way, I would like add here the Emulator RTM was performing much faster and better than the Beta version which made me really happy :)

Category: FTP Clients

Hi fellow users,

I will be grateful if anyone can suggest me any solution with this problem i have been facing with the filezilla server. I installed the filezilla server on my PC where my OS is Windows XP.

The main objective is to make a backup of my configuration on a Cisco ACS. After the creation of my Username and password on the filezilla, I also gave related information on my ACS like default directory for the user account. I am still unable to backup my configuration to the filezilla, getting the same error always which is “cannot find directory and permission denied ". Very soon I am going to post the detailed accurate error.

I need an assistance in this regard!

Category: Web


I have installed Joomla version 1.5 on my system and it went fine to the point of creating sample data. I am running this on Windows XP. Please have a look at the error and tell me the solution. Appreciate your help. Regards.


Error: the XML response that was returned from the server cannot be processed.

Joomla installation

Category: MySQL Server

Hi, today morning when I try to reach the server it says MySQL cluster fail. Then it opens up but shows no records. Please help. I'm in great need.

Category: File Servers

Hello. I want to install a Linux server through LAN. Not through internet. Please guide me on this.
Category: Windows 7

I recently purchased a tablet pc RTAB910-T01. I would like to install Linux on it. Tablet has protected Windows version. How can I do this?

Hi I m looking for a dell xps430 w/ vista x64 to run linux live CD. Should be vista not win. 7. I will pay any amount.

Category: Ubuntu Linux

I used Wubi to install Ubuntu 11.10.

It doesn't go well. always an error occurs, and it restarts.

Category: Ubuntu Linux

Hi, When I install the Ubuntu on my machine it says, "try hd (0,0) error "prefix" is not set." What does this mean?