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Category: Encryption

Is there any program in windows XP Home edition which can help me to encrypt a file?

I don’t want to use third-party software.

Is it possible?

Category: PCs

My computer restarts spontaneously in the middle of certain game in an increasing frequency. I have tried cleaning the case even though the temperature is never too high. I also tried reinstalling the GPU drivers. Is this the problem caused by the PSU? How can I resolve it?

Category: Misc Networking

My home network group consists of a computer, laptop, and a router connected to a printer. I would like to connect the printer to the computer without installing any hardware/software. How can I make this possible?

Does anyone know whether I should partition my hard disk before I install a new OS or can this be done after installation? I have a machine with a 500GB hard disk and I am looking to partition it into 100GB and 400GB in which my data will be stored and the other 100GB for the OS such that I have the ability of reinstalling the OS if such a situation that calls for this action arises, without having to lose data in the process. Your suggestions are welcome.

I would appreciate if someone would help me get into BIOS and how it could auto detect the new SATA internal drive I am adding to the motherboard of my PC. Not everything is going according to plan for I am unable to get into BIOS for the moment. During startup I am made aware that I should use the TAB key but on doing so windows continues to boot normally. Since then I have tried various other buttons to no avail.

Search engines that we use evolved on most of the websites. For example, the Google Search Engine but it remains to be the most popular in the web because. It gives the end-user the information which they wanted to have.

Yet there are sites which we need to pay in order to produce good information.

Which search engines provides best for a good answer or information to the user? is it the paid search engine or the non-paying search engine?