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Category: Chat/IM

Hi, I was trying to delete some of the contacts from my yahoo messenger. But after deleting the contacts when I again logged in to my account I found the contacts reappeared and I got an error message with ERROR 50302. I retried the process few times but the same thing happened. Please provide me with some useful tips. Thanks. 

Category: ISPs & Hosting

Hello everyone,

I found out today how to publish my website on another host other than the "Preferred" host. I consider me lucky for that. This might be an easy task for some of you but I have been trying it for more than 2 years without any success.

If I call iEasysite and want to know how to publish to HostGator or GoDaddy, they would mention that they are competitors and I was on my own. The list of the host that come with WebEasy is working just fine for sure, it is like those GD and HG that are not listed where the problem arises.

Category: Misc Networking

I need some help on starting out my new Spartan SP601 Eval board run on Win7 PC. I did go through the procedure of comprehending it step by step. I carried out all the preliminary diagnostic test demos and all the tests went okay and all functioning well. Subsequently I set up the Base System Reference design program, linked the Ethernet cable etc. On the board, placed the board on SPI configuration mode through switching M0= "ON" and M1= "OFF" on SW2.

Category: Firewalls

I already done downloading all the available updates and also used the proper task sequencer, but yet still am getting the following error: “The requested software cannot be located."

The system might be in the process of transferring these files.

Try again later, or if this operation continues to fail after several attempts, please contact your administrator or helpdesk operator

cannot run program-The requested software cannot be located

Cannot Run Program 

Hello experts!

I get an error message setting up Openemr4.0.0. It shows an error message.

Here it is below –

Category: Windows XP


I have recently converted to ATM based card. Previously I had an NVIDIA based card.

I did a mistake of not making sure if the drivers for NVIDIA had been completely removed from the system before replacing the system.

So this error has arrived during installation.

I use a NOKIA c5-03. Suddenly in the LCD there appeared a black spot. Which is not water. I used a hot gun to flash them away but didn't work. Why is this?

Category: Mobile Browsers

I connect to internet through Nokia browser.

How to open something which has been already downloaded?

Category: Chat/IM

I know this is a pretty simple question.

But i don't know the difference between IM and PM in chat.

What are they?

I use a PDA to store as my backup. i displays a message "Please plug into the charger" but shouldn't it be charging while connected the PC through USB