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Category: PHP


I started in html and when I insert an image, my image appears as a small table with across inside.
I would like you to help me please if you have any advice!!

Thank you!

Category: Java

I have a small question about OOP. Let me explain:
I have a Grid object:
Code :

    1.import java.util.*;
    3.import java.lang.Math;
    4.public class Grid {
    5.private static Cell[][] grid;
    6.private int sizeOfGrid;
    7.public Grid(int size) { // Déclaration d'un tableau de cellules
    8.sizeOfGrid = size;
    9.grid = new Cell[size][size];

The grid object is an array of subject Cell:
Code :

Category: Netscape Email


I deleted my Google Account, and I did not know that by doing this my account Gmail and YouTube would be removed. I absolutely need to get my Gmail address, because I expect very large emails.

When I want to recreate a Gmail address and I enter the same "pseudo" than I had, I am told it is already taken. However, it has been deleted.
How to get it back? Or transfer received emails to another email address?

does anyone could help me please



I have a problem with WiFi. Since I updated to Ubuntu 10.4 I am unable to connect.
I uninstalled network manager and reinstalled but still the same problem is being faced.
So I handed networks manager.
My connection is WAP, it works when I disable my wireless security key.
I think that this problem comes from the recognition of my key WAP or keeping my WAP key activated, because when I start the computer it sometimes stays for 2 minutes.
Can you help me?
Thank you.


I just downloaded on Eclipse from

I took the version Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers which is 125 MB, but I do not know what the exact version is? My concern is that I just can not switch its language to French.

Please help.

Thank you,