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Understanding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The technological advancement in information and communication technology has brought a number of advantages. There are no limitations to what one can achieve using internet technology. Activities, such as online shopping, online banking and video conferencing, was a dream several decades ago but now all this is possible at the click of a button from the comfort of your home or office. As a result, over the past few years, the application that is becoming popular increasingly amongst hundreds of corporate organizations, small to medium sized businesses and home users, is VoIP.


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Different Types of Available Internet Utilities

Internet utilities are the programs which help the user to detect and overcome the problems if one have with their computer. Some different kinds of internet utilities which have made the usage of internet secure and easier are discussed below.

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How to download YouTube video for free?

What is YouTube?

In this golden era of information technology, YouTube is playing an important role by providing the best sourcing of all kinds of information.  YouTube is an internet platform where users can upload their videos for other users to view and download.  The videos contain various types of information, ranging from formal to informal content.

download youtube videos

Reasons to Use a Video Downloader Site

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Benefits of Google's

Everyday Google brings new things in its services. A new Google search experiment is discovered. There are some changes in website design but the major thing is removal of “I am feeling lucky” option. The Google operating system has made the new design which does not include I am feeling lucky element.

Parts of Google in the Fields

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Keep Your Computer Protected with Bsecure Online v6.16

Keep Your Computer Protected with Bsecure Online v6.16 Online connectivity is now-a-days one of the most powerful ways to connect. However, as the modern technology continues to spread, advantages bring disadvantages too. The viruses, malwares and others such things that can affect the function and performance of the computers as well as destroy the data are really disgusting. For children who need online access, there should be limitations or restrictions in order to be guided properly.

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A Detailed view of Dial Up Networking

  • Dial up connection uses Public Switched Telephone network to access internet via telephone lines. It uses the modem to modulate and demodulate IP packets. In this, dial up connection sends signals through telephone lines. 

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CMS, its Features and Types With Comparison

What is a CMS?

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Some Essential Software for Internet Users

Simple Adblock: It is a simple browser expansion of the internet explorer that can block all kinds of unnecessary things which may disturb you. These unnecessary things could be anything like ads, banner, flashes, fly-ins, rich media, etc.

Essential Software for Internet Users Adblockers

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Skype Now Becoming Layman’s Application


Skype is gaining popularity at such a rapid rate that most Internet users are already familiar with this application. It is an online communication software, which allows text chatting  and audio conferencing as well as video calls.

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Usenet: Worldwide Internet Discussion System

Usenet is a famous discussion system that is made available in the internet. It has a variety of groups, which are hierarchically named and people can submit articles. Usenet is usually viewed as part of web forums and emailing services. People respond to articles by posting follow-up articles, and a thread of discussions is created as others reply to the topics.