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ISP and Hosting

An ISP or an Internet Service Provider is a company that provides its subscriber with access to the internet in exchange for a yearly or monthly fee. An ISP provides, dial-up connections, DSL, cable or other types of Internet access. ISP's are either local or national. A national ISP provides nationwide access to the internet whereas a local ISP serves to subscribers limited to a certain geographical region.

The ISP's provide their subscribers with e-mail accounts by which the subscribers can communicate with each other by exchanging electronic messages via their respective ISP servers. Some ISP's may also provide services where users are allowed to store data files.

Category: Internet

Comprehending Spammers and Email Flow

Avoiding spam or unwanted commercial emails is undoubtedly an increasingly significant matter, but it really gives IT professionals a tough time. A lot of work has been worked on the development of some urbane content filters that could recognize as well as mark messages to settle on their spam echelon. At the same time, these schemes kept on improving with the presentation of tactics like "Bayesian" filtering.

Besides, their effectiveness will always be negotiated by the spammers, with a financial reason that will remain consistent to alter their content to use such filters. There are few senders of unwanted commercial emails who have gone one more step ahead of avoiding content filters.

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HTTP and HTTPS Difference and Similarities

We are currently living in a modern world. Technology is rising fast and unstoppable. In a way, it makes our lives easier. Without it, life would be difficult and people have to admit that because technology helps people to save time and effort for this world to be a better place to live in.

Category: Internet

Google art projects 

Google aims to bring the world's great art galleries into the home with a new website that offers virtual tours using Street View technology, the ability to build private collections and ultra-high resolution images.

While most big galleries have been busy making their works accessible online for years, experts told a launch at London's Tate Britain gallery on Tuesday that Google's site was looking to take the online art experience to a new level.

Category: Internet

All about Podcasting

Comprehending Podcasting

Can you imagine holding your own ‘radio show?’ or you are a recording artist willing masses to hear your melancholic voice or your songs? If you would have been in the past, you would certainly have required loads of associations or luck to get yourself heard. But today, thanks to the mighty new media technology with its instant access to hundreds and thousands of people, where you can turn your dreams to reality.

Category: Internet

Google Apps

Google is a name well known to almost every person of the world. The world is now web-based, and Google is one of the most powerful masters of that world. Google Apps are an arrangement of Google product developed by Google.

Category: Internet

Hosting a Site under XAMPP

XAMPP is open source software consisting of mainly Apache web server, MySQL Relational Database Server and PHP the web programming language. It is available for Windows platforms. XAMPP greatly simplifies the installation of Apache web server, MySQL and PHP on Windows based computer. Besides above features XAMPP package also consists of phpMyAdmin for administering MySQL server, FileZilla FTP program, Perl etc.

But main advantage of XAMPP is that any website can be easily hosted on a local computer using XAMPP.

In this article we will see how to host a Word-press site under XAMPP.

Category: Internet

Yahoo, Google, Bing

 Google is the best search engine on the web. It is a worldwide public corporation, used for online searches, as for online marketing, knowledge and investigations. Google hosts, as well as develops digital Internet services and products, moreover generating income primarily from advertising through its Adwords program.

Yahoo! is an American local corporation, with a head office in Sunnyvale, California, which also provides services similar to Google via the Internet. The corporation is perhaps most recognized for its greatest web portal, Search engine, Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Mail, advertising, Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! Video, social media websites and other services.

Category: Internet

5 Free Download and Upload Managers

Download and upload managers are being used widely by internet users to download and upload their concern data. The data may contain any format. There are several download and upload managers are available on internet and in markets, but most popular and best download and upload managers are listed here with their characteristics. They have different versions. Here, they are listed in top to bottom ranked.

Category: Internet

Sharing DSL Broadband between Ubuntu Linux and Windows

The ability of one computer to share its Internet connection with another computer is called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). To be able to provide this functionality the computer with the Internet connection will be configured to act as an Internet Gateway. Then through this Internet Gateway other computer may access the Internet.