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Rich Internet Application explained in detail

It is an Internet application that contains a number of features from normal desktop applications and is usually abbreviated as RIA. White paper introduced Rich Internet Application in the year 2002 by Macromedia which later advanced to become Adobe. However this principle was in existence for some years in other names including Rich web clients, Rich web application, and also remote scripting.

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HTTP (Hyper Text Terminal language)

HTTP is a stateless protocol. It’s used to access data on World Wide Web (www).

HTTP is use TCP port number 80 HTTP works from client request to server and server response to client.

HTTP operation:

1) The client opens a connection

2) Client send request to server that is http request

3) Server sends response to the client http response

3) Server closes connection.

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HTML Editors Pros Use

HTML hot picks for all the experienced coders and the newbies. If it’s HTML editing or web page building you’re interested in, then look no further.

Listed below are software that can be used to build web pages; written in a text editor. Communication with remote servers where you want to upload your site is an added bonus that HTML editors provide.

HTML PAD 2010  

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Internet Routers - Basic Info, Features and Best Buys

A router is a device that connects multiple computer networks. Most often, when we think of routers, we think of the devices we have in our homes that allow us to connect to the internet wirelessly from a number of different computers or other mobile devices. Home wireless routers are connected to our modems, and thus, allow us to connect to the Internet using WiFi in our homes.

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Internet Speed Calculation

The Internet is a worldwide system that interconnects all the computer networks, while making use of conventional TCP/IP Internet Protocols, which are serving billions of users all around the world. It is basically a network of all the networks that include billions of business; public and private, government, and academic networks ranging from local to global extent, which are all connected by an extensive array of optical and electronic networking technologies.

Internet: Calculating Speed and its distinctive kinds

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What You Need To Know About Creating a Website

Creating a website may sound like intricate work reserved only for computer wizards. Surprisingly, it isn't. Building a website of your own is easier than you may think. The following tips and steps will enable you to create your personal website in less than an hour!

Create your web pages first. Mostly, you can do it in two ways:

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Email Protocols and its Importance

You get your new computer or laptop, and you need to set up your email; be it Outlook Express, MS Outlook, or some other email software. You know your email address and your password, so you follow the steps, and still nothing happens. Then you see that the setup wants to know your incoming server address and your outgoing server address.

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Classifications of Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)


DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), belongs to a family of technologies that support digital data transmission over the local telephonic networks. Initially, DSL meant digital subscriber loop. However, in the telecommunications marketing, the name DSL is commonly attributed with ADSL which means Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.

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Drupal vs Joomla: Which is better?


Drupal is a brilliant CMS for community building organizations. Many high profile sites such as BBC, NASA, MTV UK, Greenpeace UK are using Drupal. Many non commercial organizations as well as developers are functioning on in addition to adding the modules for free. Although they are free of charge, but with a price.

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Everything You Need to Know About Domain Space

TCP/IP uses an IP address to uniquely identify the host to the internet, however remembering the IP address all the time is difficult. So instead of using an address, it uses names and thus, the DNS provides this mapping address to a name and name to address.