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History & Definition of Article Writing

The process of writing content on any topic along with your personal opinion is generally known as article writing. There are different kinds of article writings that cater needs of a large number of audiences around the world. There are some people who want to read something informative. Similarly, some people want to read hilarious articles. So, article writing can be done on anything that simply comes in one’s mind.

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Easy Way to Learn About Computers

Learning about computers is easier nowadays. It does not have to cost you too much especially if you do self-study. The Internet offers tons of information on how you can learn about computers. There is a variety of technology blogs and forums that focus on a specific niche like hardware, software, applications, gadgets, web developing, and more. Many professionals and amateurs alike share their knowledge and give free information online. If you are interested in learning about computers but on a strict budget, search the web for a cheap way to educate yourself. There are also some dilemmas like children at home, a full time job, and not enough time to study.

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Top IT Websites

This is an IT-based era. Nowadays, there are a lot of top IT websites available in the internet. These top IT websites have provided numerous IT-based solutions to people who are concerned with their internet-based problems, software problems, hardware problems and so on. These websites helps us on the industry sector, while other websites focus on news reviews, and other sites aids us on the technological platform and many more.

Here is a list of the top IT websites and the areas of activities (the list is based on alphabetical order):

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Getting Ready with Google Plus

Google Inc. was once again made a mark in the field of the internet. On June 2011, they introduced Google+ (also called as Google plus) on a software testing period. The next few days, they are allowing the users to introduce Google+ to their friends that are over 18-years of age to start using the service and make their own accounts. But in the next day, the service got suspended because of demented demand for accounts.

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Safari vs. Internet Explorer

We are going to discuss the two most innovative browsers today, the Apple Safari and the most commonly used Internet Explorer. We will compare each one according to different criteria’s and see how smart and powerful these two browsers are.

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Ranking of 5 Most Popular Search Engines

A Search Engine is a tool that is used to search for all the information on the World Wide Web or the FTP servers. Anyone who has the knowledge on doing effective research will have the idea of what a search engine is. When you insert the topic in the search engine’s text box and start searching for the appropriate information needed, all the results will be generally introduced in a list of results or often called as “SERPS” (Search Engine Results Pages).

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How many websites are there in the world?

Due to the internet do not really belong to any single person, entity or organization; it is difficult to quantify the internet. There is no central control, and therefore no single "complete list" of all the different websites. Large Internet Service Providers (ISP's) will register domains and address space, which then gets split up between other ISP's, companies, and eventually the end user. Each of these address spaces are in turn will widely used for various purposes, some of which will include hosting websites.

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Features of Newly Released Adwords 2011

Today, consumer's most likely turns to the internet in their quest for specific products and services, so businesses must understand the weight of Google Adwords ads service to provide the best services and new features to the business company in publishing ads effectively. Google has updated Adwords with many important features on this year 2011 which impalement the gap of previous Adwords. Here we are going to elaborate not only Adwords’ new updated features but also the difference between them. Newly Released Features:

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The Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

This article is a review and a comprehensive report about the top 10 web hosting companies today. The article is based on the cheapest company which provide excellent services at a price that does not exceed above 10$ per month.


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Alexa.com: A Reliable Source for Online Ranking  

We are on the age of extreme revolution in the field of Information Technology. Information is available today since most people use the internet. There are a large number of websites available at the web which will give you the scope to gather and share information on several topics. Some will provide you with useful toolbars and options which will help you to search information, check ratings and many other facilities.