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Amazon Relational Database Service

Category: Database

SQL Server Services


As the time passes by, the technology also shifts its gears and travel towards a better destination. Talking about SQL server the trend is the same.

From SQL server 2005 to 2008 there were few changes in design, options and performance but something that is relatively similar are services. Though there are few additional features like support for policy based management, auditing, geo-spatial data and advance reporting and analysis services, the basic services that are required for proper functionality of SQL server remains almost the same.

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Installation and configuration of SQL Server – Part 7

In this section we will cover SQL server SP2 installation. SCCM uses SQL server database for storing its data.

To install SQL server follow the below steps

1.  Double click on installer Seup.exe of SQL 2005

2.  Select I Accept the licensing terms and click next

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Basics of Sql

The Select Command:

You can display all the column of a table, for example, to display all eight columns of EMP, enter. Entering all the column names for large table would be time consuming.

After entering this command Dba can see all the record in Employee table like above.

SQL> Select * from Emp;

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Learning SQL 2005 with SQL management studio


SQL server 2005 is a very flexible and handy tool for DB administrator and developers. Nowadays it is not just that you can create databases with SQL server but there are several other programming tasks, administrative tasks and maintenance tasks that you can perform with SQL server 2005.

The most common tasks related to databases include database creation, DB backups, Restoration and replication. In this article we will be covering the following topics related to SQL server 2005: