What is Microsoft Professional Support?


What is Microsoft Professional Support?

In Microsoft Professional Support, the experts will assist the user in addressing the problems they encountered during the development process, deployment, and administration of the software or programs in business environments. The user can avail the Professional Support as a single or 5-pack PPI (Pay-Per-Incident). The Single PPI cost $499, which you can use for one incident; while the 5-Pack PPI will cost you $1999 for five incidents. Both will focus on troubleshooting a certain problem, errors, or other functionalities that are not working. An incident, as defined by Microsoft, is a support issue and their rational attempt to rectify the problem.

What is Microsoft’s response time to an incident?

Microsoft’s response time was between two and eight hours, but it still depends on the severity of the issue.


These incidents will be supported 24 hours per day or until it is resolved. The Microsoft Professional Support will require the resources of your company to be available during those times.

Does the 5-Pack PPI have an expiration?

Yes, the 5-Pack PPI must be used within a year after the date of your purchase.

How can I submit an incident using the 5-pack PPI?

To submit a new incident, you need to log on using the same Microsoft account that you use when you purchase the 5-pack PPI. Then go here (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/assistedsupportproducts) and choose the product that you need help with.


Once done, choose the version of the product you selected.


Then you’re on your way in creating an incident. Choose the type of problem that you encountered from the drop down menu.


Choose the category of the problem type you selected and click the Start Request button. This will contact the Microsoft technical support team, who will assist you with your request.

The previous user has left the company, can I still access the remaining 5-pack incidents?

Only if you still have access to the Microsoft account that was used when purchasing the 5-pack incidents. You may also contact Microsoft to get your order confirmation number, which will serve as a proof of purchase so you can still access the remaining 5-pack incidents.

Do I guarantee a solution?

Rest assured that the whole Microsoft Support Professionals are doing their best to resolve every issue. However, Microsoft cannot guarantee that all issues will result positively due to the different computer configurations of the customers. The customers may request for a case closure before it is resolved, but the chargeability is still at Microsoft’s discretion.

When the support incident was raised, the incident will be closed once the Support Professional provides the suggested solutions to the customer. If the Support Professional has failed to provide a solution, Microsoft will notify the customers and the case will be marked as unresolved. The chargeability for the unresolved case is still at Microsoft’s discretion.

How can know if my product is still under the lifecycle and is still eligible for support?

To read the product eligibility, click here.

I have credit card billing questions, where do I go?

Click here to know the status and get help with your Microsoft Account.



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