Top 25 cloud computing providers


Top 25 Cloud Computing Providers

This article will discuss the world leading top 25 cloud computing providers on the basis of their performance over the years and on their latest progress.

Windows Azure

It’s a service and a platform that comprises an operating system and build up services which can be utilized to make and develop applications and programs that are Web-hosted.

Google App Engine

It is a bunch of office yielding online apps that include Google calendar, e-mail, word progressing and an uncomplicated Web formation programs. Using Google Application Engine, consumers are able to put together, run and keep up their apps at Google infrastructure without any servers to uphold.


A service that is entirely based on “cloud processing,” providing the whole lot with an enterprise-mark cloud communications to completely handled hosting and applications administration.


A platform brings the online-based storage with the capability of rapidly organizing Linux and Window-based implicit servers on top of the cloud, among software pre installed together with PHP, Apache, MySQL and Microsoft SQL.


Also called “Mosso”, comprises of 3 main services: a Websites construction platform (Cloud websites),  a service for content storage (Cloud Files) and Amazon EC2 resembling service (Cloud Servers) which presents way in to instances  of virtualized server.

Amazon EC2

Half-dozen Amazon-Web-Services comprises of flexible calculate Cloud, meant for computing capability, and the straightforward Storage Support, for the most wanted storage capability.

It is a platform that incorporates a database, user interface, workflow, security and additional contrivances to direct the procedure for developing commerce apps, Web sites and mobile apps.


It is an application or program hosting service which provides pay-as-you-go right to use the virtual servers & storage incorporated through networking and security functions.


It is the top most sophisticated most desired hosting provider. It authorizes customers with total control, scalability, safety and effortless management.


It is an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) supplier, and its platform is free to any operating systems. This will allow consumers to set up whichever operating system they want by selecting from typical server templates or they can upload their own.


By employing an online consumer interface, users can run and organize virtual servers, manage private networks & size computing power.


It is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that assists users to direct the IT procedures they have subcontracted to cloud computing providers like GoGrid and Amazon. It also assists users to develop and duplicate virtual servers, automate backups for storage, and presents error reporting and monitoring.


It presents exact, vibrant allotment of computing sources to its users like safety, degree and efficiency through multi-customer capability, a devoted supply group structural design and roll-based safety using private network connection.


Its Cloud Center (C3) binds with each other the networking and virtualization products, supporting cloud suppliers among a platform of virtual infrastructure for cloud services that are hosted.


It is the foremost enterprise virtualization hypervisor presenting the most highly relied and dependable platform for developing cloud computing programs. Its vCloud service enables securing, running, and handling programs into private cloud.


It is commerce software set together with CRM, e-commerce, ERP tools and accounting.


It’s a personal cloud service which carries manifold petabytes of content and countless number of files on an e-mail that is cloud-based, setting up and contact description


Its ECP (Elastic Computing Platform) is such software which incorporates business data centers along with marketable cloud computing assistance.


It is paying attention directly on safety programs within cloud, together with virtual contraption and security at network-level not offered by other cloud suppliers.


It is one of the top public cloud communications suppliers and sets a gracious countenance on cloud in addition stays a tough contender.


Originator of AtomSphere, also mentioned as “the business’s primary incorporation platform-as-a-service.” Boomi is a genuine SaaS incorporation platform which does not need any software.


It rapidly compiles, organize, handle, imitate and transfer multifaceted infrastructure and applications as a solitary unit.


It is the globe’s most extensively deployed private-cloud-computing platform of software for on-ground IaaS clouds.


It is 24 throughout the year examining service that is developed of business top virtualization, VMware that provides completely incorporated and load balanced hybrid cloud.


Being a foremost supplier of the most wanted software employment programs and services. It presents distant management of database and lately publicized its offering of cloud storage with “Arcade” that lets its consumers to inexpensively stock up a virtually limitless amount of files of any extent via the interface of Salesforce.


Having “Commanding the Commerce Cloud” motto, Zuora has established itself on the top of Cloud Billing peak. It explains its Platform of Z-Commerce as “the foremost platform of business for cloud builders.”


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