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Category: Softwares Talk

Windows media player

This is a media library application and digital media player that was developed by Microsoft Corporation to serve so many purposes apart from playing uploading and playing music. It is a utility whose features are advanced and enhanced in every new release of windows operating systems. It is mostly used to play both audio and video files uploaded from the CDs and DVDs. Although it is not the most preferred media player, it has some good features that helpful.

i. Media library

Category: Networking

IP Addresses in Simple Terms

Are you curious to know what an IP address is? Have you ever wondered when you type in the address bar of your web browser, what does it really mean? Here, I will talk about the above questions and even more about IP addresses.

IP Address

Category: Networking

Wireless internet cards and modems.

The world of information technology has improved to offer many solutions that are aimed at fulfilling the very diverse and wide user requirements. These different need s have stimulated the designing of new products. The very major issues in the world of computers right now are mobility and portability.

FireWire VS USB


FireWire is a device connection interface for data communication. Actually the interface is called IEEE 1394 and FireWire is its brand name given by Apple. It is also known as i.LINK & Lynx names given by Sony and respectively Texas Instruments.

Category: Operating System

Explaining IIS

Introduction Whenever I look at Bill Gates, I can't help but ask: how big is Microsoft again?  Don't give me market capitalization and market share: I'm feeling paranoid and anyone can doctor the numbers.  Happily, there's the Internet.

Category: Operating System

Disk Defragmentation


In computing, disk defragmentation refers to the practice of uniting scattered files on your storage drive. Fragmentation occurs to a storage drive, i.e. hard disk, over a period of time as you save, make changes and erase files from your local drive.

Category: Cloud Computing

SaaS for Enhanced Cloud Computing Experience

Security issues always arise together with technology as the latter elevates to the next level. The hasty expansion of cloud computing is undeniable. However, the good side remains to be hailed by technology advancement that offers protection against the inevitable deviant scheme that are occurring. A good company based on Sunnyvale, California is on the move to solve these problems as founded on 2002.

Category: Others

Computer Basics : Input, Display and Store

Unless you have lived under a rock for the last twenty years, you will be familiar with the basic components required for a computer system – a keyboard for input, a monitor to display the results, a hard drive to store what you created, and a CPU (Central Processing Unit) to control all the functions.

We are all used to counting using the decimal system, in which all possible numbers consist of a combination of 10 possible digits, from 0 to 9.  A computer, however, uses binary digits, which means there are only two digits : 0 and 1. 

Category: Operating System

What is a client and server OS?

If you have two PC programs communicating with each other; one being responsible for making a request for a specific program while the other is granting the request of another, this is a relationship specific to a client and server OS. Server OS means "server for certain Operating Systems and the client being the one making a request for a command to be executed by another program."

Category: Microsoft

System Center Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM)

Operations Manager is a division of the System Center collection. It is a server program that monitors different sources on that mainframe, counting the Windows task Log, on behalf of definite events or alerts created by the programs carry out on the supervised computer. The earlier one Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM) is restored by Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007. Both of them are managing tool for IT put up by Microsoft.