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Category: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and healthcare - How are these integrated?

We all know about the tremendous potential of cloud computing. One industry that has been slowly adopting the benefits of cloud computing is the healthcare sector. The primary reason for this slow change is attributed to the security concerns regarding patient’s confidential information and also related to compliance with regulations like HIPAA. Other than these reasons, certain healthcare centers are having difficulty managing their existing legacy systems since They simply cannot take in yet another standard.

Category: Cloud Computing

The Most Common Set Backs of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is indeed one of the latest innovations for storage regardless of how big the size of your business could be. But remember that no matter how perfect a system may seem, it will always be countered with great disadvantages. Cloud computing could have strengths, but these are also matched with certain weaknesses. Here are some of the biggest risks cloud computing could have:

Network Connection Dependency

Category: Software

Just what is PC Maintenance and why it needs to be done to all computers?

PC Maintenance is Maintenance that owners of personal computers need to perform in order for their computers to run faster and better while their computers are still performing they way they were when purchased. No computer when being used is going to perform as if brand new without being properly maintained.

There are several steps the owner needs and can do on their own to keep their computers be they desktops or laptops. Those steps include but are not limited to cleaning the disk, defragmentation, and running the virus and spy ware programs on the computer. Will discuss these items here and other maintenance procedures in later articles.

Category: Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

A Detailed Description of Cloud Computing

1: Cloud Computing - what lies beneath?

The Oracle says that it is as inexorable as the day after tomorrow. But clear away the jargon, and you will find a business model that can't seem to tear itself away from the blueprint. What is stopping it?

1.1.: Introduction

Suppose you're a tech-savvy business owner. You've got dozens of employees milling about in your office and it's time to bring them up to the Internet age. Shouldn't be too difficult, right? Everybody is doing it and you've got a thriving cash-flow to boot.

Category: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, Its Need and Benefits

Cloud computing is a system for distribution of resources and technological advancements. It works with defined set of connections, software solution and services through the use of a secured network. This is a major achievement in information technology.

Cloud computing is used where the client has to sort through massive amount of data in a very short time. So when we talk about cloud computing, we must understand the circumstances that led to this diverse yet very successful system. These factors included:

1) Ever expanding labor costs and charges.

2) High energy consumption charges.

3) Ever increasing demands from employees.

Category: Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of the four layers of cloud computing, the other three being Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Business Process as a Service (BaaS). Infrastructure as a Service is also known as Hardware as a Service (HaaS).


Category: Softwares Talk

The concept of Virtualization before Cloud Computing

In today’s world of Cloud Computing, we often hear a lot about virtualization. It sounds like a latest buzz word, but is virtualization really a new concept?  To answer this question we’ll have to take a look at what really is meant by virtualization.

Category: Operating System

Windows Mobile OS

The windows mobile operating system is a mobile operating system that was designed by Microsoft for use in mobile devices, particularly smart phones. This operating system has been losing its popularity in the mobile arena over the last few years.

Nevertheless it is still a great mobile OS which is enjoyed by many persons and advancements in the technology and version of the windows mobile OS makes it a great choice for a mobile operating system.

Category: Cloud Computing

Top 50+ Cloud Computing Providers

There are a variety of cloud computing providers all across the world that offers different products and services to the IT users. They cover every walk of life to provide more ease to the network administrators to manage things and to make processes swifter than ever. If we go back to the history, we’ll get to know that people were unable to even think of this great change that it may happen somewhere in future.

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Virtualization Basics, Needs and Benefits

Points Covered

  • Microsoft Virtualization\VMware and all other main virtualization companies and their products
  • Comparing each with others if possible a table with their + or –
  • History of each in short
  • Benefits
  • Involved hardware
  • Involved software
  • Deployments
  • Software virtualization and hardware virtualization

Virtualization – An Introduction