October 20th, 2014

I am using DELL laptop eventually, my Laptos's Charger got damaged, when I purchased new one unfortunately the Voltage of Charger got changed, instead of 19volts, I have now charger of 16.5 volts, but its still working, should I keep using it, would it harm my battery health? Please respond as soon as possible.

Category: Fans / Cooling

I am using Dell XPS Laptop of latest configuration, but with 1GB Radeon Graphic Card, but when I play Call of Duty Game's latest version on it, initially it works fine, but after few minutes laptop starts heating up, and eventually graphics of laptop starts hanging and have its termination. Suggest some fix.

Category: VMware

I am using a HP laptop and utilising two OS simultaneously through VMWare, hence distributing the RAM between both OS, but now I have realized that both OS are working very slow, is it something to do with the version of OS, because I am using the most basic versions of both OS, I am just curious to know the internal architecture of different OS through VMWare?

Category: iTunes

Anyone know if there is a way to check if an item has been purchased on itunes? and if so, get information about the item? For example user goes to site and purchases song/video etc purchase goes through find out what item was purchased, any codes or ID associated and who buy? can't find any info on google about it, not sure if this info is available from a purchase.

I want know the number max PC, I can set up same LAN with Window7. Thanks How many PC's can theoretically be setup on a Windows 7 Lan, assuming you had an infinite number of switches and cables. I think the answer is 100. But I'm not sure - it might be unlimited. Can any networking experts tell me?

Category: Oracle Database

I want to get event information in triggers in PL/SQL. I have a trigger in Oracle that gets fired on insert or update on a particular table. Inside the trigger, I want to determine the event that fired the trigger ( whether insert or update ? ). How do I determine the event information in PL SQL?

Category: MS Outlook

I've got the following issue:

I'm the administrator of an Exchange Account. There is a PST saved in a network directory that is used to save every email that I receive in this account, manually. When there are many emails there, I save them in different folders in this PST.

My problem:

I don't have enough time to do that alone, so i would like to duplicate the access to this account AND the PST to more 10 people. Then, all of us would see one inbox, one PST and edit it. Is there any way of doing that?

Category: MS Word

I want to add on certain feature in MS Office. Currently, I am looking at VBA to develop it. However, it seems that running macros requires security disabled. This means that if I distribute the VBA program, other people need to enable macros to run. (Security issues) The problem now is, how do I distribute the VBA that I wrote? E.g. in a .exe file? And is there any other method to go about creating this add on?

Category: MS Excel

In MS Excel 2007 and 2010 I have a database of my sites locations where different locations are differentiated like AUG2345, AUG2346, AUG2347 and so on. When I enter AUG2345 in excel, it converts it to date immediately. when i try to format the cell, it converts it to number however I want to keep the data as AUG2345, AUG2346 and so on. Please help.

Category: MS Access

I have an issue at the moment where multiple (same schema) access 2003 databases are used on laptops. I need to find an automated way to synchronize the data into a central access database. Data on the laptops is only appended to so update/delete operations wont be an issue. Which tools will allow me to do this easily? What factors will affect the decision on the best tool or solution?