October 22nd, 2014

Category: Misc Software

I have downloaded many HD Video Songs and Movies from Internet. When I Play them in VLC Media Player, whole Screen is not covered by the Video file. Lower and upper portion of screen is a Black Portion, occupied by the File. I want to view Full Screen videos in my Sony Bravia LED, so how to edit the video so that the Black portion from upper and lower portion gets removed?

Category: Printers

Whenever I give a print command to my HP desk jet color printer, it takes minute or two just for spooling. I think its a long time. After giving the print command the green light blinks for almost 2 minutes and after that it starts printing. Should I be worried about it?

Category: Mobile Software

AppLock is the worst app in this world. It has so much lag in it that whenever I open my whatsapp or Facebook messenger, all my messages are shown first. Then after 6-7 seconds, it asks for the passcode. All my friends know about my girlfriends and my father has read all recent chats because of this problem. Can anyone please tell me the alternative to applock? I am really annoyed.

Category: Hardware

In my earlier times, I used to sing in cultural programs. All those functions were recorded and I have them in CDs. Few days back, I thought I should see those videos again. But almost all the CDs were not detected by my PC. Some of them were detected but when I tried to play those videos, Media player showed error. Can anyone please tell me how to recover data from CDs as those videos are very precious for me? Thanks in advance.

Category: Anonymous

I am college student. During practical lectures, I am facing a big problem. The computers in our lab have two users-Faculty & Student. The student user is open for all while faculty account needs special access. THE PROBLEM IS when I try to install any software or download any setup file, it needs administrative permissions. This is really annoying as the lab incharge is not telling us the password of Faculty user. Can anyone know how to bypass the password protection of Administrative user or how to stop these messages and work independently without intervention of administrator?

Category: Anonymous

I am trying to make questionnaire for a quiz competition. I am having problem in making questions for audio visual round. I want to mix 4-5 images into one. The mixing should be in such a manner that contestants can't differentiate them into separate pics but consider the whole picture as one. Can anyone tell me how to do it? Any suggestions about softwares or tools to be used?

Category: Hard Drives

In my pc I want to use two hard drive i.e. second hard drive as slave. I have connected the 2nd HDD to motherboard’s SATA port using SATA cable but pc is not showing any other drives in My Computer. I have also to connect the 2nd hard drive using SATA to USB cable but not successful. Suggest some way to do this because data transferring from one HDD to other HDD by any other means (by pen drive or by LAN cable) except SATA cable is very time consuming.

Category: Printers

I am using HP inkjet printer. I used to refill my cartridge when it gets empty. Few days ago I brought a new cartridge and when it gets empty I filled it with ink using syringe but when I put it into printer and start printing it is not printing anything. Is there any particular time after which cartridge gets useless or is there any problem in print head? Is there any solution for this problem or not. Please suggest.

Category: Windows OS

I am having Sony Cybershot W800 digital camera. While trying to connect it with windows 8 via usb it is showing device not recognized. Sometimes it gives code 10 error. It is working fine in windows 7. Is there any problem regarding compatibility in win-8 with Sony camera or any driver problem. Kindly suggest some way to fix this problem.

Category: Memory / RAM

I am using Lenovo Yoga 2 having configuration i5 processor and 4 GB of Ram. Trying to play FIFA 15 on it which requires 4 GB of RAM but not able to start it. It is showing error message that is “virtual memory low” and sometimes get hanged. Also increased the virtual memory from advanced system settings->performance option->virtual memory. But still not getting this issue resolved. Please tell some solution for this.