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Hey guys,

I want to ask a simple question and that is why my Techno A plus shows full memory and out of memory issues. Though my memory is not full still lots of free space but still it shows such error. My apps and media is not more than 50 MB. And Techno A pus shows 930 MB used. What shall I do to overcome this problem.

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Hey Everyone,

I wanna ask a question please answer me to help solve this actually the problem is with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and this handset powers on by itself unknown reason. The thing is even if battery is fully charged or on low S4 powers on automatically whenever I switch it off. Please let me know the reason and setting how to stop this.

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Hi everyone,

Hey friends please help me with this the problem is my Whatsapp is not working properly. The problem is when I'm trying to change my Whatsapp profile picture or send any images to anyone via Whatsapp it is not showing any media. Yes all the images and videos are not displayed but when checked in gallery all the media is there. What is the problem I tried clearing its data and cache also.

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Hi guys,

I want to ask a question and that is I'm really concerned about. The thing is my BBM pin works only on Wifi network and not otherwise. What shall I do now pleae tell me I'm really confused now this is the firt time I'm using BlackBerry handset and the problem came this way. Help me solve this

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I am not receiving calls from one of my Friends. Though I can view missed calls from him in my screen but I am not hearing any call. It seems he is in my Block list. Please let me know how to view rejected list?

September 29th

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What could be the cause of ink leakages in printers? I went to visit a friend yesterday in her house and I found her cleaning trying to clean some ink drops inside the printer. I asked her why and the only answer she gave me was one cartridge is bleeding. I would like to know what are some of the possible ways of such conditions and if any precautions can be taken to avoid that too. Thank you.

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What are the steps to follow to service my printer by cleaning or wiping off the dust inside the printer? I am business student in one of the senior high schools in Nigeria and I have a laser printer in my room. The printer is prone to dust because of an ongoing road construction in my vicinity. How do I go about it because the printer is quite new and do not want it to break down. Thank you.

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What are the steps involved to network all my PCs to one Printer and what are the logistics needed apart from the Printer and the computer? I am a young entrepreneur and wish to start a small business by setting up an office. I have been able to buy three computers for now plus one printer and do not wish to use one computer per printer. Therefore I would be more than glad if I get your assistance. Thank you.

What is the meaning of printer sharing in computing? My name is Lydia living in the Republic of Togo and in grade six. I came across the word printer sharing when reading a bother’s textbook but did not understand it because it was mentioned in a passing. I would be happy if this term is explained in the simplest form but detailed. Thank you.