October 14th, 2016

Category: Email Servers

A phone that can receive text messages, can receive email messages also. They are delivered to phones email address. The email address contains part of SMS gateway which differs with service provider. how to send email to a phone number

Category: Hardware

Radio and television are used for mass communication. We all send information through emails, but to individual recipients. Even emails can be used for mass communication. We can send one message to more many recipients. how to send an email to multiple recipients?

Category: Email Servers

it may happen that when you login to you Gmail account after a long time, you cannot remember either the password or the email address. But no worry, Google allows us to recover the account. How to login when locked out of Google account?

It may happen that your thumbnails won’t refresh the way they should. Most of us set Google Chrome as default browser. We have to rely on new tab to open our favorites. How to open the localappdata Google Chrome user data, to refresh your browser.

Category: ISPs & Hosting

IP address is like a fingerprint for the computer. It allows networked devices to communicate. If you lose you device then you can use the IP address to locate the current location. This will bring back your device and catch the thief as well. How to locate device by IP address?

Passwords are used to secure our important from others. It is a private thing and only we know about it. But being humans it is not possible to remember everything. It might happen you have forgotten the password and cannot login. For this reset tools are made. Describe the local admin password reset tool.

Category: Printers

Printers are a tool to bring the computer data in hand. But if it does not print your images, texts and reports then there is no use of the machine. What to do if the Lexmark printer will not print?

Printers are required to bring the data from computer to paper. Lexmark is one of the popular printers. It has all-in-one software to make our work easier. How to download and install lexmark all in one center?

Laptops are the perfect replacements for Desktops. They have higher performance than the smartphones. They have keyboard with less keys, the mouse is replaced by touchpad, contains USB ports etc. but if the Touchpad stops working then all the work comes at a stop. The cursor won’t move and you cannot select anything unless you know to operate the PC by keyboard. How to resolve when Lenovo laptop touchpad not working?

Category: Windows XP

Music is necessary when you start a video or an audio. But if you can’t hear it your mood can go down. It may be due to old sound drivers. They might need an up gradation. How to troubleshoot problems due to legacy sound drivers for windows xp?