May 27th, 2015

Category: MS Powerpoint

Is there any automated scripts or the settings in Microsoft power point to set the shape properties of background image in the slides? I have presentation done in Microsoft 2013 and want to set the back ground only to the size of the contents (such as Headlines and sub items, plots etc) and not beyond that. Now, I am doing it manually. How to detect the portion of the contents in slide and set back ground only to that section of slide alone?

Category: Misc Hardware

I have observed something in my mobile which I am certainly sure that my observation is correct. I am writing this to know more about charging behavior of mobile with different chargers. When I try to charge my mobile with less current chargers, they take around 4 hours to charge 100% but the battery drains a way faster in them. But when I charge my mobile using the high current ones, the battery lasts for two days I mean almost double battery life? Is my observation logical? Any reason for this behavior?

Category: CPU Processors

Is it safe to over clock RAM? What applications are used for over clocking the RAM? What is the difference between over clocking RAM and over clocking CPU? Are both the same? Which clocking makes computer hotter? Why does one support over clocking if it dangerous? Are the side effects of over clocking of RAM and CPU are manageable? Is there any permanent damage for the hardware by over clocking RAM and CPU? Can I see the improvement really or it is superficial?

Category: MS Powerpoint

I am creating slides for internal presentation and I need a quick guide on inserting the list of keywords in the slide. But, I want to make it look more interesting by adding a fish eye look so that major keywords are in bigger size and minor are at the edges but still readable. I have been searching for that shape but unable to get any success with that. I would also like to know if I can play with different colors automatically in the keywords. Is there any feature built in Microsoft PowerPoint for that?

Category: MS Word

I am working on a document with several images. I would like to refer to them im the document in other sections and hence have used cross references well. But, the links are not working. When i click in the document the link directly takes to the referenced image but once i export to pdf file format directly from the microsoft Word options, the links no longer work. I want the click behaviour retained in pdf file too. Can any body help me in this issue and provide any hints or tools which i can use to get rid of this problem

Category: MS Powerpoint

While designing power point for a presentation in 2010 MS PowerPoint, I came across a thought of having multiple definitions for mouse clicks. If I double click, it has to go to next slide, If a single click it has to play a video in the slide. If there are no videos, it should go to the next slide only even for double clicks. How to set these options? Where the Mouse click definitions are present in Power point? How to save click properties for each presentation.

Category: Anti-Virus

No doubt in the last ten years there is am steep increase in smart phone users and perhaps this is a revolution in the industry. All the payments, money transfers purchases are just one touch away. How to secure mobiles against hacking? What is the available antivirus for mobiles for different operating systems? How much are they limited in performing antivirus function? Are there any firewalls for the purpose of safety for mobiles? Is there any guide on good list of security software for mobiles?

Category: MS Powerpoint

I am looking for a way to add some controls in the slides. Such as Zoon in and Zoom out. These two should be like buttons. How to insert buttons into PowerPoint slides. Is it doable thing? How define the functions for the buttons? I am adding a very big picture, so that user will zoom in while presenting the slides. What are the available options for adding active controls into Microsoft PowerPoint slides? Thank you for your help. Later, I am also planning to add rotate option as well.

Category: Peripherals

I doubt that the RAM has gone bad but I might be wrong. I cannot carry the Desktop computer to service centre and hence would like to make my own hands dirty as one step to find the root cause. Whenever I power the PC it simply turns on the fan, some LEDs blink and monitor goes back to sleep again. I am unable to see booting process itself. I could do verify that hard disk is intact by connecting it to other PC in slave mode. What else might have gone wrong? SMPS is okay because mother board is powering up. How to verify RAM?

Category: MS Powerpoint

I had added several similar looking images in the slides. The differences between the images are very minute and only after my explanation the audience will be able to find that. But, for my bad luck, I have lost the references. I mean, I have about 12 images in a slide and even I am unsure of the progression. Which comes after what? I have a doubt that I may have misplaced them but now, I cannot verify it just to cross check. One way is to do all the slides again! Is there a way to find the file name of the picture I have added in the slide? If I get the file name of the picture back, it will be helpful.