November 27th, 2014

Jabong is reported with 3.197 million orders between January 2014 and June 2014 with a gross merchandise value GMV of Rs.509.5 crores. If the same growth is consistent then it is expected to have sales of Rs.1300 to Rs.1500 crores by March 2015. Is Amazon planning to acquire Jabong in couple of months?

Bharati Airtel has been the leading Indian telecom service provider in India. But now it is said the high consumption users can enjoy the cheap rates for 4G services which is lower than the 3G services of the other competitors. But I wonder why are these rates suddenly cut down? Are Airtel’s 4G rates cheaper than 3G rates? Why?

Category: Misc Hardware

Samsung is a tech giant based in South Korea which makes more money than most of its competitors Xiaomi and Micromax. It holds the leading position in smartphone sales in India. Now it is said that Samsung is planning to buy back $2 billion of its own stock. Is buyback plan of the shares announced by Samsung? Why?

We all know that Twitter has recently announced about its new tool by name app graph. It is said that this app tracks down the apps installed by the users on their devices. Even though it is believed that this app will collect only the list of apps and not the exact content, users are slightly hesitating with the use of this app. Is Twitter trying to secretly spy on the user’s usage with phones?

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What is the transaction processing system? What does a transaction server do? What components does the transaction server consist of? What are the features of a well defined TPS? What is an Online Transaction Processing System? How does an OLTP enhance the data integrity of the data being processed?

It is a very well known fact that supermarkets in India are struggling a lot to run their business without loss. Even several super market owners have changed their business to alternative choice of income. But it is said that online shopping is creating a big boom in India. Is lack of parking in shopping area cause the Indian ecommerce boom?

We all know the well known fact that new spectruc frequency is been allotted to Airtel and Vodafone. It is said that Airtel and Vodafone has started deploying their networks to the newly allotted frequencies. Will Airtel and Vodafone services be disrupted due to new allotted frequencies? Can anyone share your views on this issue?

Category: Misc Hardware

All the users were very happy to know the fact that Google has decided to enable the encryption feature by default on Android Phones. But it is said that it ended up in hampering the performance of Google’s devices. Is Nexus 5 (Kitkat and Lollipop) better than Nexus 6 with encryption?

Category: Misc Software

We all know the well know fact that all apps must be updated regularly in order to avail the latest benefits from the apps. Similarly an update for Android Skype was recently released. It is said that after this update users will be able to do multitask and receive pictures through Skype.

Category: Misc Software

We all know the fact that Skype has released its latest update for Android tablets. It is also said that it has some special features while using Skype for conversations. This update also makes the messages load faster while opening the messages from notifications.