May 21st, 2016

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Google Sky Map: The Most Innovative Android App

Google Sky Map:

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We get connected to the whole world from the place where you stay. You can get connected through different sources, such as Computers, mobile phones, sites, etc. Connections are used for communication, work, imports, and exports, etc. The main source for this connection is Network. All of these devices get connected to each other using cables, or wireless network, or signals, etc. The message you send will be divided into packets and sent to the destination on the network. The way it is sent and the functions applied on the message are controlled by some layers on the Network. There are seven Network layers as such.

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We are grown up by playing games. Today this is the world of technologies such as Android, smart phones, the Internet, etc. So, there are very critical and complex games using various languages now-a-days played by many kids. But previously, over ten to fifteen years back, there were no such technologies and still there were games which were played in video games. Such games were very interesting in those days. They were not that complex. They were created in simple methods.

May 20th

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Touch Screen Laptops: A Help or a Hindrance?

Over 80% of the people worldwide are using touchscreen devices such as Smartphones and tablets. The technology is more widespread than anyone could have thought and every innovation involves touch screen facility. Whether we should be ashamed of this lazy attempt to avoid clicking and pressing buttons or be proud of our inventions, that’s still something to ponder about.

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Can Hike Messenger compete with WhatsApp?

After this whole era of paid SMS exchanging, emailing, and chatting through our computers, we have come a long way on the communication rail. And now, WhatsApp has become an integral app in Smartphones over the past few years; making free online chatting popular beyond expectation. There are other Android apps too such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Line, and Hike Messenger. But Hike Messenger has been stealing some of the Indian users off WhatsApp lately. And hence, raises the unavoidable debate over whether Hike can compete with WhatsApp.

May 19th

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1)  Dell Inspiron 3542 notebook:

Performance is power packed with the Intel Core processor i3 4th Generation, 1.7 GHz. It gives 4GB RAM which is pretty impressive. Storage specifications include a 500 GB hard disk. 

 The design of this laptop is as good as all the other laptops Dell is famous for. The thickness is 26.6 mm. The screen measures 15.6 inches and the resolution is quoted as 1366*768 pixels. Dell models are usually heavy. Hence, in comparison to the rest, a 2.4 kg is an average. It is backed up by a four cell Lithium-ion battery.

This whole package is wrapped at a cost of around 33,000/-. Trusting the brand name and its good reception by the public, it makes the top of the list.

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We are no more in the age of curly wired telephones. If those phones have been replaced by its tiny battery operated version in our pockets, a technology development to be able to keep that device charged wherever and whenever required is not surprising. Wireless charging is a breakthrough that has made us leave behind the usually wired chargers and move on to the reliable and portable form. When any electrical or electronic device begins to beep indicating a low battery, we no more abandon its usage and physically connect them to the plug-point. The miracle worker is structured like a plate or pad that can be the seat for your smartphone anytime it drains its battery. Different models of phones can be charged using the same device.

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Types of jQuery File Upload Plug-ins

I guess you all have uploaded any file, image, video, or audio on any social media website such as Facebook, or any job portal where you need to upload your resume, etc. As a designer, have you ever think of how is it done and how the code goes? If not, get to know about it today. Previously, it used to take long lines of code to design a file upload button and save a file into it. But it is made easier for today’s designers with jQuery File Upload plug-ins. You can upload any file of your choice.

May 18th

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How to Insert Animations in your Website using jQuery?