October 23rd, 2014

What are Android application developers and Windows application developers doing right with respect to iPhone application developers or designers? Concerning the development of applications and its availability to users, developing of user friendly applications and other areas of concern to you, what can you pinpoint as being a plus for both Windows and Android Apps Developers as against iPhone App Developers?

Category: Java

What is the concept of Java programming? Are there diverse concepts of java programming? Why is it necessary for one to have the Java in this computing world? Can anyone become a java programmer or developer? What is Java Development Kit abbreviated as JDK? My name Jason from Democratic Republic of Congo. Thank you.

What are the challenges one is likely to face as a Windows Application Developer? I am a fun of windows phones and I am a young up and coming software programmer. I love programming and I to be an app developer or programmer for Windows phone users. My name is Sandra and I will be very happy if I get all the necessary information that I need to know before I begin. Thank you.

Category: OS

What are the similar features that are likely to be found on Ubuntu PC Operating System and that of PC Linux Operating System? Is there a link between these two operating systems? Jonathan Sam is my name. I am a third year tertiary student in one of the East African countries.

What are the contributing factors surrounding the Microsoft Company’s achievements on the African soil? In the area of economy, health and agriculture, are there any stuffs to write home about? I am making a research on the positive influence of the Microsoft Company on the African Continent. Starting from the introduction of Microsoft’s products on the African Continent.

What are the advantages of one being an iPhone app developer over Android app developer? With Android’s largest platform for smartphone users, are there still any benefits that can be earned by an iPhone app developers? I am making a research into the benefits of an iPhone app designer as against an Android app developer. Thank you.

What are the contributing factors surrounding the emergence of Windows mobile Operating System? Windows as compared to Android and iPhone Operating System do not command a larger platform. Can one conclude that despite the rational of Microsoft venturing into the smartphone world as needless or a wrong venture based on their production and services?

Category: Internet

What are the procedures to follow to configure a TP-Link to your specification? What are the vital steps to be noted in performing such task? Does one need to be an expert to be able to perform such task? My name is Christian Williams. I am a polytechnic student in one of the West African Countries. Thank you.

Category: MySQL Server

How do you package a database system with a PHP and HTML front-end having mysql database backend? What tools are available to help with packaging a database system as a self-extracting file? Would I have to write codes to process the database file into a single self-extracting executable file or there are some resources to deploy for the task?

Category: Hard Drives

Can people have access to my external hard drive when I connect to the internet? If so, how do I prevent them from accessing my hard drive? Will activating my operating system firewall prevent the external hard drive from being infected with virus from the internet? Can I put a password on an external hard drive to stop illegal access whiles surfing the net?