March 23rd, 2015

Category: Internet

Hello! I have been using Facebook from quite a long time now. I had this particular email id which was associated to the Facebook account. But recently I had to change my email-id and now I want to associate the new id to my Facebook account. Is this really possible? I want it done under any condition and it is important, so please help! A bundle of thanks in advance!

Category: Google Chrome

Hi all, I user Google chrome as my default browser and just like all the other users, I have a lot of bookmarks saved already. I am looking for an extension/plug-in which could rename my tabs by the name they were saved in the bookmarks. Two questions; is it actually possible or not? If yes, then please let me know how it is. Thanks!

Category: iPhone

Hello everyone! My iPhone keeps on going for automatic updates when I am connected to the Internet. I know this is very common to all the smart phones that updates are automatic. But the last update, there was something in it I really don’t want it, I want my phone to be restored to previous settings. Is it possible for me to downgrade my iPhone 5c from the new update to the previous one? Thanks a lot for the help!

Category: Apple

Hello everyone! I am an Apple user and I need to know if there is some program or application that can create and edit Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint files for me on iOS and android? Please help me! I am looking for such a program which could do this for me. Thanks in advance!

Category: MS Powerpoint

Hi everyone! I was working on a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation and I saved it. Later I opened it again to edit it but the problem is that I cannot edit this PowerPoint presentation. Apparently it has been opened in the read only mode making it impossible for me to make any sort of editing. If I try to uncheck the read only box by going in properties, a message is shown which shows that only the system administrator can change this setting. I mean I am the system administrator so why this message? Please Help! Thank You!


Category: Mobile Hardware

Hello all, recently I had to record some voice using android phones. I had two android phones and I had to record the conversation of a meeting. There were about 15 people in it and I placed one phone at one end of the corner and the other on the other end. I was successful in recording the meeting properly. Now the problem is that I need to merge these two recordings into one recording. What sort of software should I use? Please Help! Thank You!

Category: Mobile Hardware

Hello all, I use an android phone. I have noticed that whenever I use my smart phone with an SD card, there are some .exe files with same name as the name of the folder. Like in the folder named backup, I found a file named as backup.exe. This is true for all the other files. I don’t know if these files are useful or not. If these files are useless, please help me to get rid of these files. I just hope it is not a virus of some kind. Thanks!

Category: Internet

Hi there! I have noticed one thing that when I use Facebook through mobile phone and after I log in and someone else checks my profile from a mobile phone as well, he can see the exact time I was active / online the last time. Like if I was online 30 minutes ago it says "active 30 minutes ago". I really don't want my friends to see this. Is there anyway I can make sure this information is not shown to my friends? Thank You!

Category: Hardware

Hello! I am using Samsung tab 4 on a 3G network. The problem is that I am failing to download anything from the play store through this tab. It was working fine before but now it shows errors. I tried to download apps using Wi-Fi network but the problem was still there. The screen says ‘Downloading’ and it keeps saying that for hours. I am always stuck there. Please Help! Thanks in advance!

Category: Mobile Hardware

Hello everyone! I am using Samsung Galaxy S3 and I have been using it with my car’s Bluetooth for quite a long time now. But recently it stopped working anymore. Whenever I try to call, the call drops just after 2-3 rings but I can still see that the call is not dropped in my headset. Please help me with it. Thank You!