September 26th, 2016

Category: iPhone

IPhone can be used to send emails using mail apps. But sending large data can cause loss of data or do not send the email. This problem’s solution is Dropbox. It allows you to share files no matter how large they are. how to send large video files on IPhone using Dropbox?

When a subject needs an urgent group discussion, and all the group members are too far at the moment, the solution is to do a conference call. If the conference is a video call then it is more useful. For this we can use Skype. How to set up a Skype conference call?

Category: Email Servers

We can forward many emails at an instance. Though, this feature is hard to find, but we can use the filter dialog box to do so. We can create and store up to 15 filters in our account. These filters are saved and we can delete them according to our convenience. how to send multiple emails at once?

Category: MS Outlook

HTML is used for making web pages. If we have created HTML page for a work from home job, we need to email that page to the company. how to send HTML email in Outlook?

Category: Email Servers

Radio and television are used for mass communication. We all send information through emails, but to individual recipients. Even emails can be used for mass communication. We can send one message to more many recipients. how to send an email to multiple recipients?

Category: Email Servers

ZIP files compress different types of files into one, that are easily accessible. We do not need to attach many files at a time that causes wastage of time and loss of files. Thus ZIP files are preferred and recommended. how to send a zip file through email?

Printer is used for printing documents, images, reports and many more stuff. It is basically to bring the computer papers on hand. Wireless printer does not require cables and cords to be connected for carrying out the process. Such printers are preferred more these days. how to set up brother wireless printer?

You have received your century link modem and now you have to connect it, to use your internet. You need cables for the connections. How to set up century link modem to use Internet on your PC?

Category: Web Components

You have received your charter cable modem and now you have to connect it, to use your internet. If you have got charter Wi-Fi router, it is easy to connect the modem. How to set up charter internet?

Category: Web Components

Wireless network to connect to router is the most efficient way of using internet. It has the feature to reduce cost. Mobile networks and other forms require investment for the usage. To use this wireless network, we need to set up a Wi-Fi connection. how to set up Comcast Wi-Fi?