October 22nd, 2014

Category: Mobile Software

My Moto G will get the latest Android Update. I was wondering if there would be Gesture support with it or not. Would I be able to change music, view pictures with just the motion of a hand. I also wanted to know that, Gesture technology depends upon hardware or software or both. If Android L supports gestures, will moto g support or not?

I am connected to my home WiFi Network and my Personal Computer doesn't have a Built in WiFi support. I can't afford a 50 metres long LAN Cable from Router to my PC. I was wondering if I can share the WiFi connection through my Smartphone to the PC using Phone's USB Cable. I want to share the Home WiFi Network, to which my Smartphone is already connected to use Internet on my PC. Is it possible?

Category: iPad

When I connect my iPad Air in my Macbook to transfer music, videos, files through iTunes, it works fine, but if I connect it to my Personal Computer(other than MacBook), and after connecting, when I want to use it when it is already connected to PC, when I touch it, it gives me shock and due to that shock I have thrown it away from my hands and it fell on the floor many a times. Please suggest some fix and tell the reason behind the issue.

Category: iPad

I had put Restrictions lock and I disabled Deleting Apps option from restrictions but now, the scenario is, I have forgotten the Restrictions Password and I want to delete the apps. I can't delete the apps until I enable this option from Settings->General->Restrictions and set Restrictions to OFF. But I forgot Restrictions Password. So, please suggest a way to reset its password without erasing and losing my iPad's data.

Category: Anonymous

I installed FIFA 2014 in my HP Laptop having configuration Core i7/4GB/1TB/2GB Graphics. Earlier I used to play it using the keyboard of my laptop but recently I bought a Logitech Gamepad to play in Multi player mode. I changed the controls for the Gamepad according to my needs and I closed the application. Now, the problem is, when I try to play with my Gamepad, and I press Start Game option, the Application exits and returns to the Desktop Screen without any error message. What could be the reason behind it and how to resolve it?

Category: Anonymous

I have downloaded and installed Battlefield 4, NBA2K14 on my Sony PS4. But the problem is for some time these games work fine but if I pause the game and resume it from the paused state after sometime, it Freezes. The Play Station doesn't respond to any of the operation. The Game hangs and all my progress gets lost. Please help. How to resolve the issue?

Category: Anonymous

When I try to sign in to my account in Sony Play Station 4, it is showing me error code E-82F001F8 and says "An error occured". What could be the problem with it. Is there some network issue or some issue with the System Software or is it some hardware issue with PS4? Please suggest the fix.

Category: Internet

Whenever I try to login to my Facebook Account using any browser on my Laptop, it shows "Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few minutes. In the meantime, read more about why you're seeing this message. Thanks for your patience as we improve the site." This happens for the first time only, If I again try to log in, it successfully logs into my account. But why it happens for first time and after trying again, it logs in? 

Category: Anonymous

How to change my display name in Microsoft Xbox One. I want that my Xbox One must be smart enough and it must refer and welcome me by my name. Like hello ABC. So please give me a step by step guide on how to change the display name in Xbox one. Give pictures if necessary. Please help with the issue.

Category: iPhone

I have Apple iPhone 6. While I was using it, I tried to send music to my iPad and also to my Nexus 5 but the connection was unsuccessful everytime. So, I doubted, does Bluetooth in iPhones make any sense because there is no way we can use it for sharing of data. Or could I use it for some purpose? Suggestions?