April 25th, 2015

Is the software included Unicode support, ReplayGain support? Is it supported AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, SND audio formats? What is Gapless playback included in it? Is it supported ripping Audio CDs? Where is its difference from Winamp? Can I organize equalizer differently? Can I import, visualization in it? Can I convert any other audio file format? Can I set up a keyboard shortcut on my way? Can I create songs library? Is Foobar2000 1.3.8 supported on vista operating system? Thank You

Can Code Compare 4.0.77 integrated with TFS, SVN, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce? Is it opening source software? Can this Folder be compared and is any merge facility available? Can I integrate with Visual Studio? How does this show compare code line? What is Intellisense in it? What is 2-way text comparison and 3-way text comparison? Is it supported multiple languages such as C#, Java, C++? Can this support Javascript and PHP? Can this software install on Mac operating system? Thank You

How do Symmetry tools work? Which operating system and web browser are needed to set this up? Is any specific graphic card needed to install this? What is disk space and RAM capacity needed? What is new facility available in Grab brush? Can I send a Maya model to Mudbox with the details? Can I export any image format file? What are the new features available? Can I install any plugins into it? Thank You

What are OLED ExpressKey Displays and Intuos4 Medium in it? Can I install Corel draw, adobe free hand for maximum productivity? What is the main working area of Wacom's patented technology? What is Touch Ring function? Can I Zoom, scroll, rotate the canvas in certain software, and adjust brush size, opacity? How can be its display resolution? What is Tilt sensitivity and how does it work? Which software or driver needed to control Intuos4 Pen and Tablet? Thank You

Can MYOB contacts Synchronize with windows outlook express? What are four levels of account detail in it? Can I disable any unused account? Can I put unlimited number of VAT codes? Is there any option for installment payment? Can I email an invoice to the customer through this software? Can I separately put delivery address and residence address of a customer? Is there low stock item alert available? Describe about its payroll features. Can I export reports to Microsoft excel format? Thank You

Hello, I want to know about Windows Embedded Industry. Basically, I never know about this, so please tell me what exactly Windows Embedded Industry is, why need this and many more questions. Is Windows Embedded Industry with Windows Embedded POSReady? How is it related to the operating system? Which operating system needed to set this up? Describe about requiring system configuration. What are OEMs and ODMs? How is it different from XP operating system? Thank You

Is it capable of performing of photoshop function such as add, remove, alter the appearance? Can this operate on files? Is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom similar to Adobe Bridge? What is the Library concept in it? Can I create web gallery by using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and how doing this? Is it supported on XP operating system? How does Panorama Merge utilize? Is it supported by all types of video format files? What is an email directory function available in it? Thank You

Category: Fans / Cooling

I’ve been having issues with my laptop for the last few months. I noticed that it keeps on getting warmer and warmer even though I am only using it less than before. I tried to check the battery, it is hot and the keyboard part is also hot. What could be causing this issue? Can you provide me instructions on how to resolve it? Can you provide me alternatives on how to permanently resolve the issue? Please help me with this. The fan is too noisy also!

Thank you!

Category: PC Laptops

I bought my laptop few months ago, HP Chromebook 11. Since I am always using it and my schedule is always on the go, sometimes I accidentally bumped it in the door and the edge of the table. That pierced and made a hole in the right part of it. I still don’t have budget to replace it. I just have to cover it so no one will notice the damage. I am quite humiliated with this, I just want to know, is there any way that I can patch the damaged part of my laptop? Can you provide me suggestions and how to do it?

Thank you!

Category: Peripherals


I have an android phone that I just bought last year, say at least 8 months ago. I am annoyed with my USB connectors because it is partially peeled in the near connector of the “Male-type” part connector. If I will be able to position my Android phone properly, it will connect to my laptop and desktop. It is annoying that I will move the phone, it will disconnect and the files I am downloading will stop. This happens to me multiple times. How can resolve this? Can you show me to resolve this problem?