June 27th, 2016

Category: Windows 7

I have tried everything but I am not able to resolve this Windows update error 80070057. Please tell me the steps by which I can resolve this issue.

Category: MS Powerpoint

I am using Office Pro 2007. I want to download Powerpoint hotfix but when I try to update I receive an error message 'Windows update error 80070663'. Can you advise?

When I try to run Windows update by clicking on "Check for Updates" inside the Windows Update I get Windows update error 800b0001.How can I fix this error?

Category: Web

Hi. Since the evaluation license expires every 60 days and I will have to re-install ESXi 5.5 which will be very time-consuming so is there any way I can install the VMware ESXi free license with nonexpired license keys?

Category: File Servers

Hi. I have been getting this error of VPN connection terminated locally by the client reason 442 whenever I try connecting to the remote VPN server. I have never got this error message before whenever I have installed Cisco VPN client. However, I am getting this error in Windows 7. How to go about solving it?

Category: Web

What exactly is the use of a vSphere client integration plug-in? What procedure needs to be followed to install it? I had previously tried downloading it, but it did not work so I am a bit confused whether I followed the correct steps or not.

Category: MS Visio

Hi. I want to get Visio Pro Office 365 deployed to my organization’s users. Also, some combinations of Office, Visio, and Project are not getting installed on the same computer and are giving errors. Please suggest solutions if any?

Hi. I have been trying to connect to the virtual machine but repeatedly failing. Also, the VMRC session is opening with the vSphere web client but not with the vSphere client. Every time the following error is being shown on the screen: VMRC console has disconnected. Attempting to reconnect. Can you please help me with the same?

Hi. I have been trying to connect my Windows 2000 based PC to the Windows 2000 domain. However, when I type in the name and password of the account so as to join the domain, I get an error message saying: “the network location cannot be reached.” Can you please help resolve the issue?

Hi. The other day I just rebooted my Xen server following which I could not log on and got an error message “the local session manager service failed the logon.” On further investigation, I found out that the server was also up. Could you please help me resolve the issue?