June 24th, 2015

Category: Mobile Software

Is there an android app that can best be used to diagnose malaria and also give a better and detailed prescription drugs best to treat the patient? What is the name and what are the distinct and significant features of this Android app? Is there a way from your view this app could be improved? Thank you.

June 23rd

Category: PC Laptops

Which laptop would be on your list of best six laptops one cannot afford not to have or ignore when buying a laptop? What are the various distinct features of each of these laptops? Why do you term these six laptops per your list as the best? And among these laptops which of these one is relatively affordable compared to functional features and the likes? Thank you.

Category: Mobile Hardware

What can you say so far about the Casio company products especially their digital watches? Comparing to other emerging digital watch companies what can be said to have been the challenges of the Casio Company with respect to digital watch productions? Why should I buy Casio watch ahead of all other brands of digital watches? Thank you?

Which of the smartphones can be considered to have the best of sound quality so far? What are the qualities and features of the said smartphone? Which other smartphone comes close and stands the chance becoming number one ahead of the said smartphone? What are your facts and findings attesting to your claim? Thank you.

Category: Mobile Hardware

What are the distinct features between Huawei P8 and Huawei P8max? Which of these two smartphones can be nominated for best model design so far by Huawei? With respect to performance and battery life, which of these two smartphones would you advise me to use? Can you list the brands of smartphones which fall below for both Huawei P8 and Huawei P8max still considering battery life and performance?

Category: Hardware

I would like to know are the concept of designing the Huawei M310 device? What are the distinct features of Huawei M310? What do one stand to benefits form the use of Huawei M310 and are there any challenges which has been identified so far when using this device? Francisca is the name from Ghana.

There has been a thought in my mind for the past six days now and that is what I hereby seek for answers today. I would like to know if there are any thing that could be said of the Google Company for not doing right. In other words, what has Google done and perhaps still doing so far which in your perspective is not a smart move?

June 22nd

Category: Mobile Hardware

What are the common vital features which lie between the Huawei P8lite smartphones and Huawei P8max smartphones not forgetting the distinct features surrounding both smartphones? In terms of screen resolution which of these two fall ahead and considering battery life duration and general performance? My name is Maxwell Jacobs from Nigeria. Thank you.

Category: Hardware

What are some of the distinct features of the Moto 360 smartwatch as compared to other Android wear devices? Can you say Moto 360 smartwatch is better with WiFi? In your view what should be the ideal price of the Moto 360 smartwatch comparing to the current market price? Sampson is my name from Ghana. Thank you.

Category: Mobile Hardware

Which phone can be considered as the first USB type-C in the world today? What are the distinct features of this gadget? Why would you consider it as the first model of a USB type-C? Apart from first model has there being any other produced? What is the concept of designing USB Type-C mobile phone? Thank you.