January 25th

Category: Mobile Software

Hi im an android programmer and i wanted to inquire into the ease of integration of 3D games in an android platform. I wanted to develop racing cars that would use the gyro-senrors for the android when tiled. what platform would suite the ease of such integration? I want have done some portion in java

Im aware of the 802.11 wireless policy and their free frequency policy, however I see that there are places that restrict the transmissions of such signals? can the congestion of several wireless signals lead to a signal jam in that area and how can one improve on the signal quality over the area?

I was made aware of wvdial interface in Linux, however I'm not aware of the commands to use. How can I use this to share internet on my phone via bluetooth? How can the commands be available and how do I know if my phone is compatible with wvdial? What is the connection speed

Category: Windows 7

I recently had installed some software that made my widows to crush and so I prompted for a system restore, However during the process my system now wont start up like before. It keeps restarting and does not boot up. How can I correct this I have been having this problem for 2 days now.

I have a UPS power supply but each time the power goes off it does not last long, it beeps then abruptly goes off without warning. Is there a ware i can know the actual battery level of the UPS? I have bought this battery recently so the battery cannot be flat.

Category: OS

I have forgotten my bios password is there a ware I can rest this to the default? what would be the default? My machine is a Dell Vostro laptop, I have tried removing the battery for a while but it wont just reset. How can I go about this? Will this loose some of my settings?

Category: CPU Processors

I have a Core i7 machine that stopped working and I found out that my processor had a problem and needs replacement. Can I downgrade a Core i7 into a core i3 processor? I want to make a swap but not sure if it will work, are the cores backward compatible?

Category: CPU Processors

I have a desktop computer that is heating up in the core processor, I want to make my fan operate at a slighter speed because of my ambient temperatures at this place are higher, is there a way that I an regulate this fan speed? I want to cool my core processor.

Category: Virtualization

I have a host system in windows that is running linux on VP, is it possible to share the internet from the host machine to the Vp OS? The host internet uses a proxy server, do I also need to connect the proxy servers settings fro the host machine? Is there reduction in speeds for connection?

I have some icons for the up and down scrolling that I would like to be integrated in HTML how can I do this in the editor for HTML? Is it possible to import pictures into the editor customized? How can I make the images act like variables that can change? Do I need software for this?