April 6th, 2016

Category: Windows OS

In the start of the year 2016, there were rumors about a computer that can read minds ad can predict what we are going to say or do next. Is it real? How does this computer work?

Category: Others

Google has introduced a new method of tracking a location with the help of artificial intelligence and an image of that location. How does this technique work?

Category: Others

According to recent studies, computers can tell if the user using the computer is bored or no. How is it capable of doing so? How does this feature work?

Category: Others

In operating systems, there is something called as a backdoor. What is it? What are its uses? In what way is it helpful and if possible, how can it harm the computer?

Category: Software Others

Some new software applications have been developed named as BOTS. What is their purpose? What are their features and how do they work?

Category: Storage

Recently, some algorithms have been developed to detect the personality of a person. What are the use of such algorithms? How are they useful? How do they work?

Category: Others

What is the meaning of data encryption? What is the aim of this method? What is the use of data encryption? How does help in data security?

April 5th

Category: Security

Is the TLS web security protocol really effective or has it been compromised? How does it change the security of our personal information? Can we still protect our personal information or is all hope lost to do so?

Category: Others

According to recent research; a vulnerability has been found in the method used for common online security. What is this vulnerability? In what way does it affect the security and what are its disadvantages?