July 30th, 2016

Category: Windows XP

Avast Antivirus is a free virus protection for Windows XP. Why is Windows XP target for hackers and virus? How does this antivirus help us? What are the advantages of it?

Category: Anti-Virus

What work does Kindle Fire do? Why should we have free virus protection for Kindle Fire? From where can we install them? Name some antivirus that is available?

Category: Anti-Virus

I am facing a problem in working on my computer. It hangs and takes a lot of time for opening a page. Is there free virus and malware scan that can resolve this problem?

What do you mean by the word "virtualization"? What do you mean by server and host in free virtualization software for Windows? Give some examples of it?

Category: Windows 7

How does free virtual desktop Windows 7 helpful? Why are Sysinternals Desktops are light weight? Which software allows switching between two consoles? How is VirtuaWin helpful?

There are different devices available to capture a video. But there is a free VHS video capture software available. How to capture it?

In this modern world, everybody is growing with increasing technology. Most of the people avail free valid credit card number. How is it useful? What kind of information does it give?

What do you mean by File extractors software? What are its other names?What are the free unzip software for PC available? What are the features they provide?

Category: MS Word

: Why is a free trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 available? How does it help us? Which kind of utilities does it provides? Which kind of feature does it allow?

July 29th

Explain Detail About How to clone RAID 0 to single drive?