January 25th

Hi Experts,

I have misplaced the CD of Belkin Wireless Desktop network card.

Can anyone help me in finding Belkin Wireless a g Desktop Adapter CD?

Please share the website’s link I can buy from.

Category: Misc Software

Now I am having a course about MySQL. I use oracle 10g, but my instructor has told me to use express edition software in oracle. Is there any difference in normal and express edition software? But I am enough comfortable in oracle 10g.

Category: Mobile Software

My newly bought Samsung Galaxy Ace does not play MP4 video files. Recently I have played some high resolution games and after that these games were not only showing error but also MP4 videos were not working. What is the problem with Samsung Ace Video Codec?  

Category: HTTP Sharing


I would like to know if there are any best practices/rules to follow on how to write professional Blog articles (Let's say it is managed by WordPress) that would be imported from written standard press release format.


Dear Experts,

I formatted my PC and lost drivers of Belkin N300 wireless router. Please share the link to download Belkin Drivers Utility of N300 Wireless Router for Windows 7. I cannot use the internet due to this problem.

Category: MS Outlook

Hi, I went through Outlook options (Preferences/notifications) looking for a way to stop sound reminder outlook 2007, but I didn't find any option. Could anyone help with this ? Thanks.

Recently voice sound has been captured using msn recorder and detected noise in that recording.Is there any idea which resolve msn recorder sound problems to get a noiseless sound?

Category: Safari

I have installed Adobe Reader and now Adobe is used  as the safari viewer. How can I confirm safari viewer download as a default viewer to revert the product's preview.

Category: Server Software

I have installed Bamboo and made a project plan using default agent. Now I am creating a remote agent for another machine. How can I create remote agent project plan and run the project with remote agent.

I want to create to create web image galleries for web publishing thats why thinking to use 3d image gallery wpf vb.Can anyone help me by providing a sample source code of 3d image gallery wpf vb?