December 21st, 2012

Category: Misc Software


How to extract WinRAR file into multiple files? My friend keeps on sending me .rar file formats with our photos from our last month’s outing. I have no idea how to show multiple files in just one file. Can you tell me how to extract the zipped file? I am not that expert when it comes to software performances. I really need your assistance.



Gregory Gregory.

Hello friends,

How to possibly recover windows event log? Is there a way that the user can restore all the important details in the windows event log? I don’t know the process is but I am sure there is a way,  I came to visit techyv to ask some support and assistance regarding this issue. I have to recover windows event log.

Thanks and Regards,

Bryan James.

Hi techyv,

How to manipulate as3 flash tab control?

Can you please share with me a step by step instruction on how to get in to the tab control?

I have to study all the important features before loading photos in the application. I have to make a puzzle and need to focus on the usage and function of each key. This is for my research project and the submission will be next week.

Hoping for your help.


Hello fellows,

All about how to make sliding puzzle in flash as2. I already collected 10 pictures for my sliding puzzle project using flash as2 software application. Would you mind sharing some of your ideas and experiences with flash as2 application? I already tried some feature but I really don’t know how to create a sliding puzzle. All I tried is to cut the photo into pieces using Adobe Cs5 photoshop software, add some information please. I need your solutions.


Chloe Chylly.

Category: MySQL Server

Hi guys,

How to set backup based on date? As a java web programmer developer here in our office I have to create some back up for my MySql server database system. I always do it every day before going home. How can I possibly set the backup according to date? I want to sort it accordingly by date.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Category: Mobile Software

Hello techyv,

How to use the process killer for Nokia n95? A process killer is when you had opened too many applications and have nothing to do about it but to terminate some application which is not responding to the server anymore. This is a big help to avoid the mobile device to freeze and hangs. What would be the process and the function key for process killer for Nokia n95?

Expecting some help from you guys. Thank you.

Category: OS/2 Apps

Hi to everyone,

Windows protect application launch error. This error is saying about launching file error, unable to launch application. What can be the main reason why the application cannot be launch? I have to run the Windows protect application to detect and avoid some malicious ware software in the computer registry, as an IT administrator I have to take good care of almost 30 computers in our business industry. I need your help.

Your suggestion is very much welcome.


I got some problem in my download macromedia. A macromedia covers the Dreamweaver application which helps those web developers to arrange the website tables and columns, rows, and other stuffs involving coding. The problem is it seems that my macromedia applications are not working including Dreamweaver, it crashes and never let me use the software. I am using Windows 7 starter Os.

Waiting for your support.

Category: MS Access


I need some sample of Microsoft access quizzes and tests.

We will be having a long quiz and an upcoming exam next month; I want to be ready before it’s too late. Will you give some information about Microsoft access quizzes and test samples?

I want to get some softcopy to study with.



Anthony Wendy.

The PMP Certification is a global for anyone who wants to start an IT company and we will be starting this examination for a few months.

I need to know the best pmp certification dumps that is available out there to help us to pass this.

Anyone who had the same experience or passed the tests are welcome to comment