December 29th, 2012

Category: Anti-Virus

Hi techyv,

How to perform McAfee scan repair? Is there a part of the McAfee antivirus that includes scanning and repairing the corrupted files and computer system? My current operating system is Windows 7 starter 32 bits. I need the best solution to resolve my problem about corrupted files.

 Hoping for your help.


December 28th

Category: Chat/IM

I am a bit hesitant to download this programme, don't want it to slow my system. Can anyone guide me who has had spark instant messenger remote directly downloaded on their pc?

My Galaxy Mini keeps telling me I have minus emails (-5).

How can I have minus - it also keeps emailing messages I previously erased.


Category: Visual basic

I am about through with the Windows Visual Basic 6 and want to include my animated gif images. Will I be allowed to save images to animated gif VB6?

December 27th

Category: Anonymous

I have a iPhone 3Gs and my charger always says "Cannot identify this device" and guess its time for a new cable.

Where can I buy a cable online/Cost/Shipping etc

Category: Anti-Virus


I have used many antivirus software for many years. But still I have no good idea about antivirus software. Nowadays I am using Avira. Please tell me what are the kinds of antivirus presently exist and how to use them effectively?


I have developed a web site and what I want is get pronunciation when mouse on each main tabs. And other thing is I want to add my own voice. Please tell me how to do this? Thanks. 

Category: MS Excel


I want your help to know how to create a command button in excel 2010 and what are the command button styles in excel 2010. I tried myself but I could not find it. Please give me necessary instructions.

Thank you.


I have more than 20 years old slides with abnormal reddish color.

I have Photoshop Cs 2 and have some knowledge.

Please tell me how to color correct old slides using Photoshop.


Category: Web Components

I am developing web site for promote newly introduced soft drink and I want to add consumer complaint section which should be directly connected to email account. Please help me to find nice consumer complaint format and give me necessary instructions to connect that. Thanks