November 16th, 2012

Are there good sites where I can buy sell domain script preferably by auctioning? I need those with lots of features please.

Category: Mobile Software

Are there avaya phone tricks to avoid calls in office? What I mean, appearing to be calling when one actually is not.

Category: Web Components

I want to know how I can setup an automatic sms sender from pc script for my website which is still under construction?

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I want to use some computers to keep the records of an online library.

What configuration system and storage technologies do I need?

I do not know which one to use.


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Hello everyone,

Is there a way I can use to connect my Asus WL600g as the gateway modem router to a D link mimo router 802g? Moreover, will I encounter any problem when trying to get to a higher level?


There is this addon sonic solutions error that I receive when running explorer 8, it gives an option to delete, What happens if I choose it? will my system be safe?

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Hello everyone,

I had some problems with my USB Skype cordless phone 7100. However, after I set up the windows vista PC 2007, everything went back to normal. I can now receive the bell ring on the cordless unit only that I cannot hear any sound from it, what could be the problem here?

I would gladly appreciate your answer. 


I have a laptop that has a 65-watt power adapter; can I power it using a 300 watt dc to ac inverter with 140 watt continuous operation? It has a low voltage and overload protection. Can I go ahead?



My Toshiba laptop cannot hibernate since the spooler is still running. What other work down can I employ other than shutting down the print spooler? I do not know what to do.

Thanks for your help.

Category: Netscape Email

I happen to be the campaign manager and am responsible for sending a bulk of mails to our clients, but am not familiar with the add white list process.

How can I do it?