November 3rd, 2012

Category: Web Marketing

I have several Google accounts to post business ads and I need to learn how I could transfer click through rate Google ads into excel spreadsheet so that I could generate charts for reporting. Love to hear your instructions to do this.

Thank you in advance

Hi everyone! Need your recommendations for opensource group video conference application? What I am looking for is something with an edge apart from Skype or YM, something that has new features like I can drag and drop files of different formats and could be easily viewed by all presents during online meetings something like that. Thanks for your suggestions.

Hi folks, Need your suggestion on where I could purchase maxell digital mp3 player software. Willing to get it online and pay through credit card. What online is store has best value for my money on this?

Hello there,

Recently, I re-installed Asus driver into my computer and in my belief, I installed all the drivers properly but then there was a message saying that an Asus unknown driver is existing in my system, I suspect that I need to update this but I don’t exactly now how to do it.

Please help.

Hello friends…I need to have hosted exchange mac mail and I want to know the step-by-step guide to do this. I don’t have full idea on how to do this but I want to try through your help. Ready to follow your instructions and if I got problem I’ll get back to you to ask more. Thanks for the help.

Category: Web Graphics

Hello there…I am planning to change the theme of my site into mosaic website textures, and I want to try some free designs. Yes, I may asked somebody to have it in photoshop or other designing software but I want to try first as soon as possible from free source to see how it looks. Can you suggest where to find some free designs? Thank you…

Category: Suggestions

I want to know your opinions on best internet nickname. I use my real nicknames in most of my internet accounts and I am thinking if this the best for me, Is it right to use somebody’s nickname or just stick into your own? What is it’s essence?

Category: Web

I am planning to start my first blog and I want to have the site use my name or any names that I like. I need your opinion on how I could have custom made web names so that I could use it for my blog. Can I have it free or should I need to pay?

Category: Misc Software

I purchased Office 2010 and successfully installed but I have one problem, the spell check kit office 2010 is not working. I thought if I have to buy separate spell checker or I just have problem the language settings, I don’t know, so I need your explanations on this. Thank you guys…

Category: Suggestions

Hi guys, you know sometimes, I don’t like the way some players in pogo misbehave especially with those who come to my room uninvited, so I need your expertise to help me know how to boot player on pogo.

Anybody knows?

Thanks for your help.