December 20th, 2012

Category: Suggestions

Hi. I have a background using HTML. Now, as my work I need to convert from XML to HTML. I am not really good with XML. Can you give me a nice idea on how to do it? A good tutorial will do. Please give me some advice on how to change xml to html. Thanks a lot.

Category: General

Okay. I have a problem with Media Player Classic. What is m2ts file by the way? Media Player Classic displays an error: “cannot render the file”. What’s the meaning of that? Please help. I’m having problem with m2ts cannot render file.

Category: General

Hi techyvs. I want to know how the large company Ecommerce made their logo. I think logos are one of the things that made them popular. So, what’s the secret behind it? Are they making their own logo? I have a website and I would like to have a logo in it. How can I create one? Please tell me the key for large company Ecommerce logo. Thanks.

Hello All,

I am a student.

I need to find a free software to build a website that supports for people who does not know about HTML, CSS or others like that. 

After researching on the internet I know the IXLA Web Easy software but it is not a freeware.

Could you let me know the Software name or the link to download?


Category: Firefox

I am using Mozilla Firefox as my default browser because I like it very much. Now, I would like to ask how I can block all the floating ads in major sites. It’s kind of annoying for me. Did I miss something in the settings of Firefox or should I use software to disable the ads? Please help me how to block floating ads in Firefox.

Category: Visual basic

In starting a program in Visual Basic I want my dates to be compatible with World Time Zone.

In VB coding how to add one to date and allow functionality in Access?

If it doesn't work for Access, will Excel?

Category: Web Graphics

I have been searching different web networks for an artist, and after hours of searching, find less than what is required.

I need a graphic artist, for new website.

Can you direct me to internet graphics done by artists online?

Category: Feedback

Truly hoping someone is here that has a solid experience with trying the online laptop builder sites. Are they reliable, these online laptop builder sites? Will I be able to get one built, shipped and pay via online methods?

I would like to convert Type1 to Truetype windows fonts, Is there any online providers who can help me on this. Please sent me the link towards the online provider.

Category: Web Components

My son is so crazy about online games, and uses internet for playing games, I thought of downloading the same, so that he can play offline. Can anyone list few online games with low file size.