Category: Java

Hello friends,

All about an easy chess code. My Information Technology teacher assigned me a java chess program, I have to finish the project and submit it for the next three weeks. I need to make some research on the proper coding technique using netbeans version 6.9 java application. Would you love to share with me some easy code for chess game?

Thanks and Regards,

Travis Nelson.

Category: Windows XP


I have Windows XP operating system and I formatted my computer and re-install Windows XP. But Microsoft Windows XP home activation did not work with "Online activation cannot be completed at this time" message. Please help me give a good solution. 

Category: Chat/IM

Hi techyv,

I have a problem with my Facebook online users contact list. During a chat session I was automatically terminated due to the low internet connection. I reset my internet connection and got back to my Facebook.

When suddenly realized that I cannot view my online user contact listings.

How can I resolve this issue?

I am waiting for your help.


Category: iPhone

Hello fellows,

Interactive treasure map games for my iPhone. I am a Nokia mobile phone user before and suddenly switch to ios which is iPhone device. It is not easy to adjust from one operating system to another. I still love to explore the features of iPhone 4s. What is the best Interactive treasure map games for my iPhone?


Janet Campbel.

Category: Ubuntu Linux

Can any expert help me how to Ubuntu enable fish shell is activated through command prompt for scripting purpose?


Category: Feature tips

How can we  create and install a simple screensaver for microsoft windows like marquee which is  already installed on our system with microsoft windows?

Hi everyone,

How to fix unrecognized flash drive? I just got my new 16 gb usb flash drive but there is a problem during the flash drive installation in my acer laptop. The laptop cannot detect or recognize the flash drive. How can I possibly fix this issue?

Thank you and have a nice day.

Category: Suggestions

Hi friends help me. How can I free download movie mortal combat loop videos desktop? Give me any suggestion about it.

Category: Suggestions

 How can one integrate code for return site with paypal ? do I have to apply for code or just need to write myself?

Category: Web

Hello techyv,

Where to find very high digit calculator online? I am not satisfied with my calculator which I bought two years ago in the market. I am currently solving all my accounting reports for our business company and I have to submit the report next week. I am on the finance team, I need a scientific with very high digit calculator online. This will really help me a lot.

Expecting some help from you guys.