November 29th, 2012

Category: Web

Good day everyone!

Please help me open password encrypted web page at

It is my first time to create a website with the use of, which is free and I can customize my own website without any knowledge in HTML.

And since I don't have any background in programming and I was just clicking whatever catches my eye, I "accidentally" activated a password protection on that webpage.

After several days, I returned to my site to take a look at my webpage, but it's already password encrypted and as dumb as I am, I forgot the password. And I am not familiar with complicated things on the web.

So is there any way I can open it?

Category: General


I play Darksiders game in my PC for a long time. I play this in often and yesterday I try to start the game again and it says that there is a problem with save game. I cannot play this from beginning again. I need to reaper these save files. Is there any kind of way to do Darksiders save game repair?

 Thank you

Category: iPod


 I have Apple Touch 8 GB iPod. I have some files with the file call as midi files. I do not have any converter to convert these files to another file format. I want to know is that my iPod can play these midi files.



I have i3 PC with a Windows XP operating system. I got a camcorder from my uncle and then I tried to connect it tom my PC. In indicate that the device is connected and ready to use. But it does not connect to the computer. I tried this in my office computer and it work perfectly. What is the reason from this?

Thank you

Category: Networking


I am really interesting in networking and currently following a diploma in networking in local university.

I heard about a Blu Modem from my friend.

What is this and why it calls as Blu modem?

Thank you

Category: OS/2 Apps

Hi to everyone,

A question about internet video capture safari. What is the difference on the performance of video capturing in mac operating system and windows operating system? In our company we tend to use windows 7 operating system and a default browser of Mozilla Firefox, what can you say about the Safari browser internet video capture?

Your suggestion is very much welcome.


I need information about joomla performance help. My company needs a joomla developer and as of now we cannot find the right person to do the task immediately, so I decided to study joomla and be the one to make a draft for a website presentation for the next two weeks. Would you mind sharing some tutorials or information about joomla?

Waiting for your support, thank you.

Category: iPhone

I just want to ask what is the best or most reliable version of iphone Software Developmental Kit (sdk)? My friend and I planning to make an application enabling to read and edit the data in Exchangeable Image File format (exif).

Category: MS Access

I am using Access to MySQL database that includes a time field. The connection to ODBC is done however, Access finds the time data as a date format. We all know that MySQL and Access has different way of handling time and date. What's the best solution for this? Please help me..

Category: Apple Laptop

Dear experts,

I've been working on my latest project for a company building their own website. I would like to customise and change mac scroll bars css. How could I do that? What series of codes can I built? WHich is better to use, webkit or Javascript? Thank you..