November 3rd, 2012

Hi techyv,

I would like to ask on how to map directory structures? If you are using a mapping software how would you able to locate all the possible places that is included in your business plan? Also give me the best information about mapping software that is reliable to work with.

Hoping for your help.

Will you help me uninstall from my laptop.

Ii do not want this program on my laptop.

Please help me.

Category: Chat/IM

Hello fellows,

What are they talking about Facebook chat on smf?

Simple machines forum that is capable of dealing with technology.

Can you share some ideas about Facebook chat or any feedback?

I like the new feature of the Facebook chat now about it can give us possibility to perform video calling.


Stephen Heris.

Category: Misc Software

Hi guys,

How can I locate need for speed setup file free download? After the installation process I cannot find the shortcut icon key in the desktop, I have to find the correct location of the need for speed game setup to manually run the program. I need your guidance.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Category: Skype

Hello experts,

How to recover all the deleted skype snapshots? Me and my friends get some snapshot using the printscreen command to post those pictures in our facebook accounts but unfortunately I deleted 5 snapshots. How can I recover those pictures? I need your help. I am using windows 7 starter 32 bit operating system.


Category: Google Chrome

Hi all

How effective is a Google chrome desktop cleaner?

My current operating system is windows 7 64 bit and has a default browser of Google chrome. I would like to clean all the possible cache in my browser as well as to check the desktop’s status. I want the best for my computer system and I need your opinion about Google chrome desktop cleaner.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Hi to everyone,

Video capture apps mac os x cannot display mp4 file. I got a software for video viewing in my mac osx operating system but It cannot handle mp4 files. I have to get a new software that will let me view 30 mp4 files from a friend’s laptop.

Thank you.

Category: Mobile Software


How to change the HTC smart font? This new smart phone is not easy to deal with but I’m willing to learn and explore the amazing features.

I would like to ask some of your help on the process of changing font style in my HTC mobile phone.

Waiting for your support, thank you.

Category: Misc Software


There is a problem with my download color computer keyboard. The downloading process was unsuccessful, it suddenly crashes and freezes. I never expect that downloading a 4mb file containing with images about computer keyboard can be so tough. My operating system is windows xp. I need some help.


Amanda Mitchel.

Hello friends,

How to create html pictures effects code? I want a blinking picture for my website html project to be submitted next week. Can you illustrate some coding technique or any video tutorials will do for me to get this done immediately.

Thanks and Regards,

Debra Carter.