October 31st, 2012


I am using window 7 Operating system. There is some problems in my registry anti display manager i don,t know how i can manage registry setting of anti display manager if any body know please help me to fix my problem.

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How to check active ports in system? I have 4 USB ports in my Compaq hp laptop but I don’t think all of them are working properly. Is there a way for me to check all the active ports in system? And another thing, how to add ports in my computer with windows XP operating system.

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I am using win rar software.

I am trying to compress an 900 Mb Video the Rar video compression rate is 99 percent but it did not compress.

I try to fix that problem but failed to do so please if any one about that help me to fix my problem.


How to get an open source doc to text batch? I want to get open source software that will possibly convert doc to text batch file. I am very disappointed the last time I download one it was unsuccessful. I need licensed open source software that will let me do the conversion.



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I am making my web for my web.

I am using many images in my web.

I want to use PHP gallery image rip use in my web, but I don't know how it use.

If any body know about that please help me and give me a brief description about it.

October 30th


I am architect. I want to make sketch presentation video for my project. Help me and tell me If there is any software exists to make that video ?


I am using Mac operating System. I have installed the application of Web wrapper but it does not provide the frame work properly in Mac operating System. An any body please help how to solve my problem about mac osx web wrapper.


I am using Window 7 ,I have K lite 2.69 standard codec pack on my system .When I try to uninstall it ad/remove programs it shows message there is no file exist. Please give me detail how to remove K lite Manual.

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I am using McAfee pluses antivirus but my antivirus plus is not working properly.

I tried to install but it shows the message installation can't start.

I think I have trouble in installation of Java script if any one know about the installation of JavaScript de McAfee then please help me as soon as possible.

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I want to use msn messenger. But I have no knowledge what steps perform during installation de msn please help and tell me what steps perform during installation of de msn.