January 30th

I want to put a number of songs in my Galaxy s2 android Ice Cream Sandwich.  I just created a library in my phone and I want to put the songs from my pc to the phone.  How does Galaxy s2 add mp3s to music library?

Category: Ubuntu Linux

I just purchased a Creative Zen V Plus music player, but my computer with Linux can't recognize the device. 

Do I have to manually add libmtp in Creative Zen V Plus for Ubuntu?

Category: iTunes

I just discovered that Real Player does not support iOS platforms. 

I would like to watch videos on my iPad in mpeg and Windows Media format so that there's no need in converting them to mp4 which takes a lot of time. 

Is there an iPad real player app alternative?

Category: Server Software


I want to configure VPS with cccam & a card reader with my Personal Computer which has windows xp operating system & most importantly is it possible to hide my IP with VPS?

Category: Printers

Hi Experts,

I am using Samsung 3400 printer. For the past few days it has started pausing and going offline continuously. Can anyone help me solve the problem of Samsung 3400 going offline?


While running any .NET application I faced the following error. It is severe in the cases of .NET Application IIS7.

I need to fix it up. 

HTTP 404.17 - Not Found. The requested contenet appears to be script and will not be served by tge static file folder.

Hi All

My colleague told me about Winzip performance with OpenCL enabled. Does it really make winzip opencl compression faster and efficient ? What are its system requirements?

Category: Mobile Software

I'm looking for updated Home Depot app apk download link.  I just installed Home Depot 3.0.2 apk file but won't work on my Android Cupcake.  Maybe it could be that Cupcake is API level 3 already?

Dear Experts

I own HP 32 GB Touchpad with operating system WebOS 3.0.

Can anyone help me find Juniper Network App for Touchpad ?

Where can I download for free or buy it ?


I want to know about article and press release directory. What’s the difference between article and press release? Are they effective for marketing? Please let me know.

Thank you.