December 9th, 2012

Category: MS Excel

Hi guys,

About a software of java pdf to excel. I need to create a system in java that will help convert pdf files in to Microsoft excel files. Can you share some video tutorial or website that you think will really help me a lot along the programming process? Or any online samples will do. This is for our company's file organization.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Category: Misc Software

Hello techyv,

Is there a script to optimize scanned pdf? Or is there a way that we can manipulate scanned pdf file and forms? Any software information involved will do.  I need to get some important information regarding pdf optimization for my school report next week. I have to make a presentation using Microsoft power point application.

Expecting some help from you guys.

Category: Mobile Software

Hi guys,

I have a plan to study Korean on my iPod touch. My friend advices that I should learn Korean through Korean applications. Please help me to finding some Korean apps itouch, or give me website I can download by myself.


Category: Storage Misc

Hi to everyone,

Is there a tools for reading memory dump? I am an IT assistant administrator in a university and our goal is to make sure that the students enrolled in a computer subject will probably get the best computer service during their classes. Can you give me some way to read and analyze dump memory?

Your suggestion is very much welcome.

Category: Firefox

I wonder why Firefox fox news videos not playing. Every time I visit using Firefox, the videos were not playing. Can you tell me how to play it? Did I disable something in Firefox settings? Thanks for the tip.

Category: General

Hello guys, I have a problem with Dlink camera. I am running Windows 7, and when I try to run this, I receive a command that Windows 7 need to download Active X. What is active x? What is it for? Where can I get it? Help, I’m having trouble in Dlink camera active x for windows 7.

Category: iPod


A problem with touch screen iPod video convert Ubuntu. Is it possible for me to play a video from my iPod to my computer with an Ubuntu operating system? And what is the best video converter that is compatible with Ubuntu OS? I need your advice.

Waiting for your support, thank you.

Category: OS/2 Apps


A few questions about xcom for Mac.

I want to install this xcom game in my computer with Mac OS but I want to be sure that the game is absolutely compatible with Mac operating system.

I don’t want to make some problem with regards to compatibility issues.

I need some help and advice before making any move.


Lindsay Wendy.

Category: Suggestions

I wonder if I can edit setup files using my computer. I would like to install Word, Excel, and PowerPoint only when I would like installing Microsoft Office. Can I do that? If so, can you tell me how? Thanks.

Category: Misc Software

Hi there,

I wonder what you think that it is better for playing in the manager mode. I love the FIFA 2011 game style, so I was told PES 11 has an awesome manager mode despite of their poor football simulator (compared to FIFA). How can you feel? Is it valuable to play PES 2011 for the manager mode?