October 30th, 2012

Category: Software Others

I recently upgraded to Power DVD 11 Ultra, but I'm suddenly getting the following error:

This content is only allowed on a digital output. Ensure your display device uses a DVI, HDMI, or Display Port connector. -(Code = 0121)

I used to have Power DVD 9 Ultra and I can play Blue-rays perfectly. Power DVD then informed me that there's an available update so I go right ahead to upgrade it (since I thought it's always better to have the latest version). But then it stopped working.

Is there anyone having the same issues?

Please help me fix it.

How can I convert PHP4 to PHP5 file using PHP5 Script Pim software?

I don't have PHP5 Script Pim software and I don't know how to use it.

Please help with download link and clear instruction.

Category: Server Hardware

Can anyone kindly suggest that which company can provide "high upload dedicated server" and kindly mention the configuration process for most optimized performance?

I had my house installed with CCTV system that records to a digital video recorder (DVR). In accessing into DVR, it has a facility that allows me monitor what's happening by the use of internet when I'm away, but it seems I can only access the web address via Internet Explorer, as the system use ActiveX control.

Is there other way to access my system more conveniently and less hassle? Can I view my cameras via ActiveX controls using my Android mobile phone?

Category: General


I have a vbulletin video forum, and i want to publish video from my hosting, how can i add flash player on my bb code please help I need flash player for vbulletin. If any body know please  tell me how add?

Category: Windows XP

Hi ,

I am using win XP .I want to create the icon of win XP looking like file cabinet some like a business cabinet I don,t know how I create that type of 3D file cabinet Icon XP if any body know please help me to create the XP icon.

Category: Skype


I make a new Id in lync. I want to my Skype contact export to Lync but I don,t know how I exporting Skype contacts to lync Please if any body know about Lync then please give me some information about that and also tell how I export my contact in Lync

Category: MS Excel


I am using Microsoft Excel 2007. I want to know in Excel how to reverse series of rows. I try it every where but I did not find. If any one know then please tell me how I do.

Category: Visual basic


I am using Visual Basic 2010 I want to use component of VB digital counter ActiveX but It is not available in my application. Any one please help me how I enable or download it for my application.


If any body please tell me Is there any software from which I can merge, copy, paste cut edit audio mp3. I want to download that software free of cost please tell me name and Working URL of that software so that my problem can be solve.