October 31st, 2012

Category: Apple Software

I am sure you would concur that the ideal way to keep abreast with the latest news is through RSS feeds which present holistic news in a consolidated format. When I run a search on the mac app store, it throws me a dozen names for RSS toolbar for mac viz Caffeinated,Fresh Feed, Mixtab,NewsBar, NewsFire etc. Can any one suggest which one is the best bet to install in terms of readability interface, minimum ads, quality news and least memory consumption?

Category: Visual basic

I want to importer an Excel spreadsheet. Is there a library that can help me with this?

EDIT: Specifically, I'm using Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Basic, so I need a library that fits these requirements and can import Excel spreadsheets.

Category: JavaScript

Hi TechyV,

How to create a javascript push menu? Java is the best programming language for me and I am willing and eager to learn more about this. I would like to build my own system with a push menu, can you share with me some ways on how to get this done properly?

Hoping for your help and kind consideration.

Category: Misc Networking

I'm an administrator of a local network and I want to monitor which users visited which web sites.

Do you guys know of any software I can use?

Category: Misc Software

My wife and I have a small garden at home. We'd like to make a design for it. Do you know of any such free computer program we could download?

Category: Misc Hardware

Hello, I have a star comm USB ADSL modem/ISDN and I need drivers for Windows XP Pro SP2. I don't have a software CD nor can I find the drivers on the internet. Does anybody here have it or know where to find them?


I have the Advent 7110 laptop (Intel i915GM chipset) and I think someone must have set a password on BIOS, because every time I start up my PC a popup appears and wants me to input the password.

But I don't know it! Is there a way to clear this password?

Hello fellows,

How to wipe and rename free space windows? Windows xp operating system is a gaming os and I want take good care the system for my online and offline game collections. Give me some tips or a step by step process on how to wipe and rename free space windows?


Ericson Eric

Category: Oracle Database

Hi guys,

How to generate password oracle? I am using oracle database for a department store system. Is there a way to put a password on my oracle database to secure all the data encoded in the database such as product name, prices, quality, inventory and etc. Security is very important.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Category: Mobile Software


I am using BlackBerry Cell phone. I want to Synchronize two contact folders in one folder please tell me how to configure and synchronize these folder in my android application please help me. If any one know about that.