February 6th, 2013

Hi all experts,

I am working for a 3D animation company at home. Now, I have to develop apps for children on 3d canvas. Can anyone educate or guide me for designing 3D objects in an HTML 5 canvas environment. I also want some sample pictures that shows 3d canvas.

Category: Misc Software


I need the Call of Duty United Offensive No- CD to be installed in my PC. I searched for it in internet but not getting anywhere. Can anyone help me on this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi all Experts,

My brother started working at home on animation and picture editing software's. He wanted to do some pictures to be edited in such a way that removes face from it, on a light weighted tool so that he doesn't have to waste time in understanding new software's. Can anyone suggest me how to do face off picture online free.

Hi, My radio frequency signal of blackberry is turned off. I am trying to receive text message and phone call but can't. My mobile network is seen ok. What to do now?

Category: Hard Drives

I'm trying to back-up and restore hard disk MBR then transfer it to another hdd.  I'm on Windows 7 64 bit.  I think I have a boot sector virus.  Any suggestions on how to copy mbr to file then transfer to another hdd?

Hi there! I try to force format lock USB stick and it doesn't work.

Actually it's not write protected.

Any suggestion that I can resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


I figured an XML and there is an element repeated for two times.

I want to find and count the repeated element.

But I don't get it.

Please help me with an example code.

Hi all experts,

I am working on developing a website where I am creating CSS and XCL sheets. I want to make my work easier with Xml Spy software. I want a free setup download xml spy, can anyone suggest me from where I can get free setup.

Category: Web Marketing

Hi all,

I am planning to optimize my eCommerce website for better traffic and page ranking on Google, so I want to know the techniques involved behind optimizing eCommerce websites. Anyone suggest me some key points on how doing eCommerce optimization?

Your help will be highly appreciated.


Category: Web

Is making jquery banner flash image in firefox possible?  I'd like to make a flash banner in jquery using Mozilla Firefox 18.0.2  My system has Windows 8.  Would it also work in Firefox?