October 3rd, 2012

I recently bought a Samsung TV browser flash version. I noticed that it only plays flash and java supported files. Are there other plug-ins which are compatible with Samsung TV browser flash version?

I am currently working on a video on my DVR. However, it was suddenly locked. I want to retrieve my files but I still can't get it opened. Can I still retrieve my files when DVR current account is locked? If so, how?

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What are the best Joomla chat solutions?

Any help is appreciated.

I need templates and various sample business trip travel orders. I am part of a team that is developing a Document Management System using .NET technologies.

If you could recommend and forward websites thank you very much.

I am planning to redesign my Joomla site. I would like to put video, voice, or text chat at my home page. I am willing to invest a little to make sure the new interface will attract visitors. But are there any freeware for my requirements and what are the best Joomla chat solution (free and license)?


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Hello guys,

All about converting avi to DVD sync. Some avi format file is not supported by any other media player so I decided to convert it to DVD. Can you tell me how will I going to do it? To merge it all in only one DVD package so that there will be no hassle at all, suggestions and ideas will probably help alot.

Thank you.

Hello guys,

How to get a free inventory sign out sheets? What are these for and how can it help us in the daily online business industry? I am having a report and study in this field of topic and I want to ask some help from you, just a little bit of information and explain it to me briefly.

Thank you.

Hey guys,

I am having problems using my DVD player to play videos. I used to play DVDs with it but now using Win DVD, Real Player and Total player I can play any DVD CDs. I can use it for other data DVDs except the ones that have videos.

Another thing I think might help is that this started immediately when I was not able to play QuickTime files unless I used Google's Picasa.

I have put an image of the screen when this happens below this. I need help and I will appreciate all your efforts in helping me.

Thank you very much

Hello guys,

How to make mac convert letter PDF to A4? I got 42 cover letters to be converted in A4 format and it is necessary for me to finish it as soon as possible because I will be submitting the reports through online. Can you give me some way how the conversion process can be done?

Thank you.

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Hi gurus,

I was writing a blog about premarital intercourse when I got this error on Windows Live with the message:

 Windows Live Writer: File Upload Failed

"The remote server returned an error: (500) 

Internal Server Error." – WLW

I would like some advice on how this can be solved this and I will be counting on you guys because I don’t understand other blogs I have searched because they use too much technical words that are above my level.

Thank you very much.

File update failed