November 6th, 2012

Category: Debian Linux

"Depending on if the DVR won't "R" what exceptional is it?" I am looking to buy AVS navigator! That would be quite what this is about. But in your case Ben, I'd be so pissed at what you've run through with Guide, that I could interest unhindered DVR aid, (The $10 or $11 off the explain an inconclusive period of time, until TWC gets off their a$$es in the Syracuse zone and makes the guide and DVR reliable. I think the people may as well do that who are having more than periodic issues with the DVR due to the guide. 

Category: NetApp

I have been asked to prepare a c project permitting the user to mimic combinational intelligence entryways where the user inputs paired qualities for A,B and C and the yield circuit is shown. have been given a template show to utilize with the system which holds the paired illumination for As well as and NOT doors. 

The principal part of the spec advises me to Begin by including C capacities for re-enacting extra sensibility entryways: XOR, XNOR, NAND and NOR. 
All I am searching for is the way could i go regarding addressing the first part.... including c capacities for the XOR, XNOR and so forth sensibility entryways as this part is confounding me? Are there programs on logic gate in C or C++?

Category: Scanners


bluetooth mechanism not working in my dell inspiron 1425 portable computer. It is telling me that there's a bluetooth problem report while instituting bluetooth drivers for windows vista its requesting that me press fn+f2 key to prepare bluetooth but inevitably utilizing fn+f2 key additionally its not working. can anyone please encourage me to purpose this 

Category: Feature tips

As I experience the divx player blackberry's specs on edge's online content, it would appear that it would not be able to play DIVX or XVID indexes. Notwithstanding, both the bend and the strong can play divx and xvid. I'm considering why storm holders don't have that method. Could this fair be a programming alter or it is safe to say that it is equipment identified? Are there any arrangements to make the aforementioned 2 codecs ready to the storm? Does any individual know? 

Category: Informix

How to create gui with notepad in windows 7? I quite prefer to make a GUI that when you sort a content in the Info box and click a catch a Notepad may as well pop up and the content you composed in the GUI include confine shows up the Notepad. 

I've attempted this for a hour now and n'tn't resolve how to do it effectively. It appears that its giving me blunders and when I'm rectifying these blunders I'm getting no where. 

Category: Email Servers

I am looking windows live mail 2011 that can auto forward mails.

Right away, each time I attempt to make, answer or advance a note in Live Send, I appropriate this content: "A situation has occurredwhen attempting to open this note. A situation has occurred It would be ideal if you attempt again". No mistake codes are exhibited.

Likewise, I lack the capacity to "Add to Schedule". Assuming that I attempt, the precisely same inform shows up.

I do appropriate all sends sent to me, and I can likewise send affirmation when inform sender solicits to do so.

Category: Misc Hardware

My apps on my desktop are not happy with each other, as they are competing for my undivided attention! A friend has told me about a free app for mac that arranges the icons nicely. I think it is called thinking for mac or something. Is he right?

I am making a desktop application for the Mac computer. It will be written in Objective-C and will be about riding the bus around the world. I need an icon for my mac bus. Can someone provide me with a few of them?

Category: FTP Clients

What are the best settings on COD2 for mac? Unequivocally got this event but not beyond any doubt in light of the fact that there are a considerable number of alternatives. 

But what is the departure between trinagular, biangular, and whatnot? Might have got the spelling wrong but you realize what I mean I suppose. 
Any exhortation could positively serve some useful purpose. 

Category: Sun JDS

Why webcam turns on independent from anyone else? Do I have a spyware that turn on my webcam?

My laptops webcam turns on independent from anyone else. this situation unequivocally began a few days in the past, soon after that i didn't have any situations. i don't know what's wrong! am i being looked at???

Provided that i am, what would i be able to do?!