December 20th, 2012

I am unable to connect to Internet as driver seems to be missing in my Laptop, Please guide me to find Internet Controller Driver Win XP.

Category: Firefox

Which SSL VPN code supports OSX Lion VPN with SSL, as  i am having issues installing the Network Connect client with Firefox.

Category: Server Hardware

We are installing a web conferencing system into our network.

Do we need to do TMG port forwarding for that, If so please explain the procedure in Forefront TMG 2010.

I am studying Autocad, and have got an assignment to cad model an ipod. How to cad model an ipod, please provide me any example for reference.

Category: FTP Clients

Heard about Core FTP Mini SFTP Server WIN32, Which is Light weight server that will supports SFTP (SSH2) mode alone and will runs on Windows. Is that a freeware, If so please provide a download link.

I am not an expert in CSS coding but can understand the coding a bit, can anyone help me by sending me the css auto resize menu coding.

Hello friends,

Where to find an open source flash video template? I would like to create a video with flash animation. I am planning this to submit next month for our final grading, my professor will surely be impressed if I am going to put some own created animated flash designs. A music video will do, what is the best software to use and why?

Thanks and Regards,

Danield Make.

Category: MS Access

Hi techyv,

How to sort some Microsoft access email date?

I have so many data in my Ms Access database program; this is not easy for me to keep all updated.

All I think about is sorting those email addresses with the specific date of delivery.

How can I possibly sort the data in the system?

A step by step process will do.

Hoping for your help.


Hello fellows,

A problem with adobe acrobat standard for mobile. My adobe acrobat application software seems not working in my Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone device. I can’t still open those pdf files from my computer. I have to transfer the files in my mobile phone for a travel; I cannot bring with me my computer desktop. I need some guidance and advice to solve this problem. Error says, unable to open file.


Jayden Horribol.

Category: Firefox

Hi guys,

How to set Firefox Arabic language?

A friend from UAE came and visited me in my place, and he will be probably staying for almost twelve days.

I have to offer and lend him everything including my laptop.

I would like to set my Firefox internet browser into Arabic language to let him understand and use the internet.

Can you help me?

Expecting some help, thank you.