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May 11th, 2011

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Epic is just productive, privacy, secure

A not-so-known little known company, called Hidden Reflex, gained a high attention when it released India’s first web browser to the world. It is an idea of Alok Bharadwaj, a Bangalore-based entrepreneur, who is the CEO and the founder of the company, Hidden Reflex. This software made itself an important part of the personal computer and its use is constantly growing.

OLPC: India's New $35 tablet PC

After the great hit by Nano, India has again gained the world’s attention by introducing the world’s cheapest Tablet .the tablet PC having a compact shape and size also looks stylish. It’s a device that can carry with a battery already included, which gives you a remote access wherever you are. Apart from being eye-magnet, it also has some juicy features, including 2GB RAM and 3G. It also including WiFi connectivity, a SIM card slot, and Micro SD card slot, video output to the monitor, Micro USB port, webcam, and it runs on Android 2.1 OS.

Category: Software

Top web applications

Zoho Docs

A fully functional office suite available online which enables us to create or edit Word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Here comes a word of “?”. Why not Google Docs? As almost all knows the tough call between Google and numero-uno. Both the tools were tested and Zoho Docs won the competition. That’s why it is at the top of the list.


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Top 10 windows software

MS Office Suite 2010

That’s the reality, Microsoft is aware of what it is doing. The simplicity of MS Word or the pivot table complexity, macros, look-ups, or even the powerful presentation tool, MS Power point. All of the PC users are most familiar with this tool. It’s not at all surprising to have this product on the top of our list.

Google Chrome

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Top 10 software for developers


Most of the readers will find it surprising to see this developer tool at the top of the list. But SQLite is definitely worth it. It is possibly the most used open source software around the world. It features embedded SQL which is used by a number of free and paid software’s.

Applications such as iTunes, acrobat reader, iOS, Firefox and Adobe air popularly use it. SQLite is having a public domain, which means it can be used for any purpose. The syntax of SQLite is most similar to MySQL. This software is used in millions of devices. Thus; it is the topper in the list.

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Reviewing the best top 10 software's is must for apple PCs working on Mac platform. The following are the top rated software's for the Mac system


Adium has good support for pretty much every instant messenger protocol out there. It supports from twitter to the Google Talk and to Facebook, and even to chat at IRC. Presentation of this software seems to be excellent. It might just be an instant messenger, but it is the father of all instant messengers, and it just happens to be on the Mac. Even the meanest of Apple critics have the support for this cute little messenger.

Problems with jumbo size hard drives

Hard drive started becoming important since the late 1980s. Computer owners started counting on the capacity of the hard drives. Now hard drives do not just store the operating system, programs, and the documents, but also our memories in form of videos, audio, and pictures.

The increasing demand of more hard drive space has forced the engineers to develop a huge-capacity disk which can satisfy a user’s need.

May 10th

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BlackBerry Applications Related To Finance

The BlackBerry Mobile was being designed and developed by the Canadian company, “Research In Motion” (RIM), since 1999.

BlackBerry is very popular and known primarily for its ability to send and receive Internet mail where mobile network coverage is present and you can also connect through WiFi Connectivity. You can send and receive Instant messages very easily through blackberry Messenger. There are a lot of features in a BlackBerry. Here, we will discuss the features or applications related to finance.


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Web Article Writing : The What, Why and How of SEO?

We have all read articles on websites, and there are more and more websites devoted to the sole purpose of providing a place for the publication of articles.

Why? This is a commonly asked question, and the answer is fairly simple – marketing.

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Session Layer explained in detail

Session Layer

  • Session layer is the 5th layer of OSI model. It establish, maintain as well as Synchronizes among communicating system.
  • Session layer is responsible for main two purpose.

  • Dialog Control: Its use for communication between two process to take place in either half duplex or full duplex.

1. Half Duplex