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February 24th

Category: Operating System

Why Would You Be Excited With The OS X Mountain Lion?

With less than a year of experiencing OS X Lion comes the new and profound OS X Mountain Lion. It features the basic essentials of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch brought to your very own Mac computer.

There are some people especially OS X Lion users who really rambles on why the release of a more advanced operating system has been a lot sooner. They are questioning why they didn’t bother to put it all out earlier. The thing is that they should have seen it coming. Apple fanatics know for a fact that we are in the era of a fast growing technology. We can never stop Mac from making things better.

Category: Programming

JAVA: Basic Tutorial – JDK Installation Guide for Beginners

Before beginning in writing any programs, you first and foremost need to download something called the JDK. It is the program used by Java developers that lets you write Java and actually compile it. Compiling just simply means to transfer it from a code that you cannot understand but the computer can.

So go ahead and open up your internet browser like Mozilla Firefox.

Once you have that open, go to the website java.sun.com. This is going to give you the Java main page. Go to the download link and then choose Java SE which stands for Java Standard Edition.

Category: Software

What is a Snipping Tool? Is it a counterpart of PrtSc/PrtScr Button?

As all techi minds of Windows users had known, the oldest way of taking a screenshot image on anything within your desktop is through the PrtScr / PrtSc button. That button or command is incorporated as part of your keyboard for purpose of taking image of your desktop. But I didn't know until now that there is another program that allows you to do the same. It's called the Snipping Tool and can be used in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Experience Pack for Windows XP.

February 23rd

Category: Virus & Spyware

Bit defender Total Security 2012 Will Secure Computers in More Efficient Way

Bit defender is manufactured by a software company, which is situated at Romania. Bit defender is basically an Antivirus. It was launched by Soft Win Company in November 2011. Till now they have launched about 15 versions of bit defender. They provide every version better than before.  The bit defender got many features which every user require making the computer safe and secure.

Category: Others

Vizio an American Company Doing Marvels

Vizio is an American company, which used to produce electronic products. It is not that much old, it was established in October 2002, but in this low time period, they had bring lots of advancement in the world of electronics.  Firstly their main products were television sets and in 2007, they became the largest seller of LCD television. Now Vizio has begun to produce many other electronic accessories like; Sound systems, HD TV, personal computers, laptops etc.

Category: Others

Samsung is unveiling new version of Samsung Galaxy (Samsung Galaxy S3)

Samsung is a South Korean Multinational company, which launch many types of product every year. This company’s products are broadly spread and they produce different varieties of products. About fifth of South Korean export is done by Samsung. Samsung electronics have launched its first Samsung Galaxy product in March 2010. This is basically an Android smart phone.

Category: Apple

Apple is launching a new version of iPhone (iPhone 5)

IPhone is a smart phone in which multimedia and internet facilities are enabled. It was first announced by an American company Apple on January 9 2007 and they have released its first version after 20 days of its announcement. After this Apple has launched its different versions with new and innovative ideas like; I phone 3G, I phone 3GS, I phone 4 and I phone 4S. In I phone Apple has presented many features like; Video camera, portable media player, Email, web browsing facility and much more.  Now in 2012 Apple is going to launch its new version I phone 5, which will be having more latest and updated features.

Category: Others

Sony Play station 4 boasted with Hi-tech Gaming Features

Play station, which was first developed in Japan, is filled with list of video games. These games got so much demand from there users and because of play station Sony has enhanced in selling there products and gadgets. After play station Sony launched its new version play station 2, which got a huge selling of 150 million play station till 2011.

Category: Internet


Nowadays, when we listen to the news, all we hear about is someone having been caught for a hoax, for breaking into a computer system, for stealing someone else’s identity, or for breaking new security procedures on banking. Your life may be at stake or not when it comes to those stories. There are qualified staff out there who have been trained to protect us, people, from those nasty scams and frauds to whom these stories might just be true. An Online School called Criminal Justice School is the kind of school that gives classes in fields like Forensics, Information Technology and Internet Security as well as Legal Studies.

Category: Networking

Facebook: A Platform For Job-hunting

When we look at the world of social media, we tend to believe in the fact that people around us have a life far brighter and happier than what any of us could imagine. The truth is, some are much worse off than you are, and you should thank your lucky stars that you have a job at least, which others do not. As such, why don’t people who are fortunate enough to have those special networks in society help others out just to ease the pressure of an unemployed, frustrated life? Let us consider the possibility of Facebook, as a platform for job seekers.